Wedding Seating Planner

Arrange your personal seating plan in minutes with our Wedding Seating Planner.

Once you know who’s coming to your big day, working out where they’re all going to sit can be a real headache. Our wedding table planner takes the pain out of your organisation.

Use our simple drag and drop tool to put together a plan of where your guests can sit to ensure everyone’s day is almost as enjoyable as yours!

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Fully integrated with your address book and Invite Tracker

The Seating Planner takes those guests who you’ve marked as attending the reception and places them into an easy to organise list, saving you hours of paperwork and scribbling just to get things started.

Precise numbers and dimensions

Add the exact dimensions of your reception room to squeeze all the tables into the space in a tidy and organised manner. You can then choose the number of tables you want and how many guests will sit at each one, and move them around for the best room layout.

Easy drag and drop platform

The drag and drop functionality of the tool means you can easily tweak and fiddle with your plans to your heart’s content, so you don’t need to create endless paper drafts just to visualise things.

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