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Here’s what Bride membership will bring you:

  • To-do list – map out your timeline with precision and ease with our To-Do List tool. You can assign tasks to different contacts, and we’ll even make suggestions for you to help you stay on top of everything.
  • Budget tracker – it’s never easy to stay on top of your budgets, especially with so much going on at once. You can keep track of where all those pennies and pounds are going with our handy budget tracker.
  • Guest manager – manage all your guests in one central contact book, where you can easily keep up to date on who’s going to the ceremony, reception and after-party and ensure those numbers all match up as they should.
  • Invite tracker – sent that invite out to your long lost aunt and uncle in Fiji yet? Who’s staying for the party and reception? Our Wedding Invite Tracker can help you keep track of where all those invitations have gone, as well as follow the all-important responses.
  • Seating planner – save yourself hundreds of sheets of paper and gallons of ink with our online Seating Planner – with its effortless drag and drop platform all those subtle revisions suddenly become a whole world easier!
  • Personal website – you might be on top of everything you need, but are your guests? Get everyone on the same page with a free personal website where you can post updates, gift lists, photos and plenty more – both before and after your wedding!
  • Wedding directory – find your local suppliers of all those wedding essentials, with wedding cake makers, make up specialist, and even stationary suppliers all covered in this easy-to-browse directory.
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Get a comprehensive and concise overview of all your tools with our easy-to-manage dashboard, from which you can immediately see your most urgent tasks, meaning you always know exactly what you need to do next.

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