Wedding Invite Tracker

Check ‘Save the date’ cards, invitations and RSVPs with our simple tracker.

Keep a meticulous eye on your guest list with our useful Wedding Invite Tracker tool, which shows you who’s been invited, who’s coming to the ceremony and who’s yet to reply. It’s the easiest way to stay up to date with numbers before your big day.

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Sync your Guest Manager and Invite Tracker

You can use the information from your Guest Manager in conjunction with your Invite Tracker to send ‘Save the date’ e-cards and website updates so you don’t have to type in all those addresses.

Immediate ‘at a glance’ overview

Get a quick ‘at a glance’ look at who you’ve invited and whether or not they’ve replied. See where guests haven’t supplied postal or email addresses so you can ask them for the details you need, plus get up to date information on declined invitations and those who need chasing.

Day breakdown

See who’s coming to different parts of the day – the ceremony, reception, evening party or the whole day.

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