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Winter wedding do's and don’ts from a bride about to get married...!

19 Nov 2013 by Sophie

One of the things I have come across time and time again is surprise at the date of our wedding and excitement from people about attending a winter wedding – having never done so before. Summer weddings are beautiful, but have never crossed my mind to be something I attended as a bride.

Fear not…
In my not so humble opinion, the only real difference in a wintery shindig is that you cant necessarily plonk your guests outside and top them up with Pimms for a few hours, instead you can cosy your guests up indoors, throw as many fairy lights as you can and embrace the nights drawing in and the cold, for the romanticism it creates.

Log fires, carols, frostings of snow, mistletoe, the excitement of the build up to December, pine cones, cinnamon, gingerbread, oranges…I could go on, I am truly passionate about this time of year and getting married with a frost on the ground and freezing cold pink cheeks is about as heavenly and romantic as I can imagine. Fortunately Groom feels the same and with 6 weeks to go we are both spending our evenings grinning like lemmings as we tie up the final plans.

(Further plus notes to a winter wedding: you will not faint from heat exhaustion in either a 3 piece suit or dress – you will be able to enjoy your wedding attire at a comfortable temperature)

winter wedding

I don’t profess to be an expert but over the last year I have learnt a lot about planning my winter wedding and hopefully at least one of the below will give you food for thought:

- Choose seasonal flowers – you chose a cold season so don’t contradict with tropical blooms – instead opt for flowers with incredible scents and soft tones such as: winter jasmine, irises, roses and lilies.

  • Get every guarantee from your venue about access, mobility, heating, lighting, walk ways for guests just-in-case of inclement weather conditions. We had the unfortunate position of a venue booking our wedding and then cancelling 6 months later as they had decided they just couldn’t cope with the possibilities a winter wedding could bring, you know like a bit of rain or a gust of wind!!!!

  • Embrace the season and welcome in the cold – what better time to celebrate with mulled wine and hot cider hot chocolate and mince pies.

  • Use seasonal touches to create your environment and use it to be creative with your centrepieces – on a budget? Ask the family to collect pine cones and empty into a hurricane lantern with battery operated fairy lights – perfect for relevance and simple beauty.

  • Worried about guests getting into the mood? Serve copious amounts of mulled wine and hang up mistletoe for some cheeky kisses.

  • Use Ebay – It has a wealth of married couples selling their items so after Christmas 2013 there should be plenty for those of you planning nuptials for 2014. Also use the big superstore Christmas sales to stock up for next year; this never occurred to me until I wrote this paragraph kicks self hard in the shin

  • Like me – embrace the sparkle, in a tasteful manner of course! – the low lighting and candles will capture your sparkle wherever you turn – just in case anyone forgets the attention should most definitely only be on you, and the Groom, but mainly you.

  • Go crazy with the candles – our study is filled with church candles at the moment – Dunelm Mill is the place to go, failing that, our good friend eBay.

winter wedding

- Bother with a car and have a look at this – unfortunately I have only just discovered this possibility and it’s too late to arrive by reindeer but OMG 2014 brides please for this for me…

  • If you do get a car for your arrival have a back up plan. E.g. if you plan to arrive in a vintage number – be prepared for weather stopping it in its tracks.

  • Get cold feet (!)– Keep warm in a beautiful snuggly faux fur coat or wrap, it will only add to your glamour.

  • Forget insurance – especially if you have a marquee – just for re-assurance and just in case heaven forbid your venue, like our original, changes its mind about hosting a less conventional set up. John Lewis are our providers and it proved easy and efficient to set up.

  • Worry about the weather - you have chosen to get married at a time when if the weather is anything other than grey, cold, drizzly, snowy it’s an enormous bonus. However, if you’re like me you’ll be praying for a smattering of snow and for the sun to keep a reasonable distance for the photos.

  • Stress – my boss and I have been comparing winter wedding notes and she, like me, was a winter bride. Her advice? spend the evening before being pampered with friends and on wedding morning crack open the fizz and let everyone else do the hard work.

I can hardly wait!

Sophie, a wintery bride to be. x