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'Pre-Wedding’ shoot

26 Nov 2013 by Sophie

So… it’s into the 3 blog count down before we get married so I should probably use these weeks to give you all some sage advice for the last few weeks of wedding planning.

I am not sage or even that wise so instead I’m going to blog about having some photos taken and how to take the stress out of making final payments.

First up: I sing the praises of our photographer once again lighteningphotography

In a bid to get used to being in front of the camera and to loosen up a bit (override tendencies to giggle/pout/pull awkward faces) we organized a ‘pre-wedding’ shoot. For this we returned to Blickling Hall - where we got engaged - so that we could re-connect with the bench and finally eradicate the bad memories from the cancelled wedding plans of last year (see previous blogs for any wedding newcomers who have no idea what I’m on about)

What we have ended up with is a new found confidence in front of the camera, a better bond with our photographer, Daniel, who I really cant shout loud enough about; best of all …we are now the proud owners of some truly stunning photos, in a place that means so much to us both.

Word to the wise – when it comes to pre-wedding photography/wedding photography you will be expected to be smushy and lovey (throw in a bit of smooching for good measure) when it finally got too much we decided to throw leaves at each other, piggy back down a hill, climb into dens and onto fallen trees – these made for the best photos because while I do love a bit of smush you cant beat a bit of genuine playfulness for capturing love and light.

With the shoot fresh in our minds we are now able to compile our photography checklist to ensure we get all of our wedding days most precious moments captured. If like me, you have struggled with beginning this list I recommend discussing it with your photographer, searching on Google and also using photographers blogs to work out what images you like – I’m nearly there with mine and Ill publish it next week for you all as a starting point.

The one month countdown also brings with it the final wedding payments – cue cowering wallets, terrified bank accounts, requirement to dig out a chequebook and a Father who makes a mysterious disappearance (not really, he was hiding in the study with his wallet)

We have now made the final payments and my one piece of advice for you is: keep a chart of the following from the very beginning of your wedding planning: Who the supplier is, how much the total is, how much the deposit is, how you paid that deposit, who the contact is, when the final sum is owed and most importantly -keep it updated and keep hold of all your receipts. If like us you have encountered a few hiccups this is vital for getting back on track.

Whilst excel excessive - I have an 8 tab excel sheet (!) I have been able to track the budget to the £, work out who owes what and on what date and has made this week so much easier – the more organized you are to begin, the less stressful it is in the lead up.

I cannot stress this enough – even if it’s just on paper – you will thank me for this.

So what’s coming up next: a photo reccie of the venue, the arrival of the final bits of wedding stationary, finalizing the wedding photography list, calling all the suppliers to confirm addresses and timings and some serious pampering: hair nails, tan. I’m also starting to drink a lot of water, cut out chocolate and eat more healthy stuff. Once I finish that box of mince pies of course.

Sophie bride-to-be

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