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M.O.B stands for Mother of the Bride

20 Sep 2013 by Sophie

‘Some day, and that day may never come; I will call upon you to do a service for me. But uh, until that day, accept this justice as a gift on my daughter's wedding day’ – Don Corleone, The Godfather

The Mafiosa, The Godfather, Mother of the Bride…..Mum. The M.O.B

M.O.B stands for Mother of the Bride and this week I am dedicating my blog to my fantastic mum and the fun we have had recently in getting her outfit for the wedding sorted. It was really important to me that mum felt special in her attire and was able to get the perfect dress in the colour we have chosen to thread through our day– a lovely natural cappuccino colour.

So we have been M.O.B shopping and it sounds as it is – basically getting what you want letting no one stand in the way of it happening.

The abbreviation of M.O.B resonates with my mum for a number of reasons - not the Italian connection, extortion, racketeering, drug trafficking, fraud and loan sharking but a general ‘ask and you will always get’ ability. My mum has a gift, a talent: a connection with the mafia or just simple witchcraft?

Tellytubbies, Tamagotchis, Buzz Lightyear, Furbies - remember the years of Christmas crazes – mum always magically appeared in the shop at a time of delivery or just as the last one becomes available (so she says) I’m starting to wonder if she actually had the ‘boys’ on it.

When it came to dress shopping the same was true, she found a picture of the dress she wanted, just happened to call a lovely little boutique store in Norfolk, who just happened to be one of the limited stockists in the UK. With just a 40-minute drive between her and the dress we went (without the Lupara), she tried, we loved, and it was perfect but … wrong colour. (GULP)

I was anticipating the following:

So wedding shop lady, ‘I’m gonna make you an offer you cant refuse’

(I hasten to add that if you haven’t seen the Godfather some of this blog may be a little nonsensical)

Magically the line didn’t need to be used (that’s one up on Corleone!). It simply came to light that yes the designer had only one dress remaining in the correct colour and size and it would be there within the week. Thank goodness! Mum looked so gorgeous in it that I would probably have reached for my inner bridezilla and not even the mafia knows how to deal with that.

Maybe I’m leaning on the fact that M.O.B makes a nice play on words for my blog and maybe I should admit that actually, serendipity follows my mum around and on this occasion she is the lucky benefactor of that luck, not just my sister and I with our fad toys on Christmas morning.

For anyone in the Norfolk/Suffolk area a fantastic place to go is The Wedding Shop – Bungay

I highly recommend this lovely store and lovely people who couldn’t have been more helpful in making sure the right dress came to the rightful owner!

So people who know the M.O.B, there’s a wedding coming up and the Don is never more generous to those in need than on their daughters wedding day. Pick your requests carefully.

Sophie Bride-to-be

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