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Finally - the secret hen party!

31 Oct 2013 by Sophie

So lovely readers, if you are reading this on Friday 1st November I am on my way to my hen do with 14 awesome friends to a destination unknown.

Over the past few months I have had clues via pigeon post and have had to guess at what we will be up to over the weekend. I have tortured everyone/anyone with an ounce of knowledge for information – my mum has resolutely kept quiet, I have been reprimanded by Matt on several occasions for badgering and my sister has just plain ignored me.

The list I have gleaned so far is as follows:

Friday night – games and I’m pretty certain some kind of onesies theme. The clue arrived with a pass the parcel theme, resulting in a furry stand up hoopla phallus that had ears and a tail….???? The written clue was about wearing warm clothes, and winning to ensure a sweet treat.

Having had a lengthy text conversation with the chief organizer, Naomi, my initial musings on this clue had led me to believe we would be indulging in outdoor funfair ,nighttime competitions with a candy floss prize.

Saturday – an origami gun attached to a rope of origami pigeons – easy, Clay pigeon shooting, something I have always wanted to do! The tag read best country bumpkin attire – perfect, I have hunter wellies a tweed jacket and have pinched a flat cap from the Groom.

Saturday evening – I received an invite for a character called ‘Val Entine’ a society bride attending an evening gala in her honour, but shock horror! It results in a murder – it could only be a murder mystery evening!

Sunday – no idea – hopefully I will still be alive, for as the above all sounds very wonderful my friends can drink most under the table and this weekend should be no different.

I have been receiving texts all week from friends all with a count down theme – 3 days, 2 days, 1 day and then ‘’we got 24 hours to go, we got 24 hours to go…’ Now it’s finally here! I am literally bursting with excitement, having been picked up with my luggage (when you don’t know where you are going how can you be expected to pack lite?) my wellies and a MASSIVE grin.

I want to use this blog to say an enormous thank you to Naomi and Jenny who I am led to believe had concocted this weekend on my behalf with military precision and creativeness – I knew I had chosen my bridesmaids well.

Look out for next week when I will catch you up with our antics and also I’ll be doing a special winter wedding dos and don’ts. For any of you brides to be who like me have opted for the chillier months to say ‘I do’

Sophie bride-to-be

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