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Doing wedding photography the natural way? 5 ways to create beautiful wedding photos

23 Jan 2014 by WeddingSite Team

When photographing a wedding, the very best aim to create memories that are creative, unique and natural. For the bride and groom, family and friends and all those invited, weddings are a special day for everyone involved.

Posed and staged photos can often look forced and unnatural as family and friends squeeze into frame. What’s more, for larger group photos, it can prove quite tricky to navigate and maintain the attention of individuals as they wait for everyone to get into position.

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Capture those special moments

That’s without taking into account the things that may go wrong – an unexpected downpour, a ceremonial glitch, one too many glasses of champagne! This has the potential to catch even the most experienced of wedding photographers off guard.

Creating natural photos is an art in itself and much more than simply taking a few snaps when people aren’t looking. We’ve teamed up with Photo Booth, the UK’s leading photo booth hire specialist for weddings, birthdays and any occasion, to engage their expertise when capturing natural, fun and memorable photos.

1. Preparation
Preparation is one of the key elements to capturing natural photos of family, friends and guests. If you’re taking the photos, its an idea to have the right camera settings all ready to go – the last thing you want is people waiting around for you whilst you fiddle around with memory cards, brightness and lighting features.

Similarly, great photographer’s try to remain in the background in order to capture the realism of a wedding. People do not want to be pestered and ‘cheesy’ posed photos often lack authenticity.

2.Shot list
Visit to the venue(s) with the photographer and discuss the types of shots and style of pictures you are looking for. This will also allow you to scout out any hidden locations and give you a good idea about how your photos will look. This can even be a time to practise shots before hand and can make great engagement photos. Invite your photographer to attend the rehearsal of proceedings so they can gain an indication of lighting and positioning for shoots.

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3. Perspective
Photos are all about perspective and can really intrigue an audience. By mixing up the angles, heights and viewpoints, you can ensure you capture both the small details and shared enjoyment. For instance, when your photographer is photographing you (the bride and groom), playing with perspective can really capture the emotion and with the right backdrop, give your photos a true and spectacular element.

4. Continuous shooting
Ask any photographer and they will agree that one is simply not enough. Engaging continuous shooting mode will not only give you a wide range of choice, but will allow you to capture before and after shots of your guests that could prove more insightful and authentic than your original frames.

5. The unexpected
Not everything will go to plan so whatever the circumstance, try to make the most of every situation. Whilst these moments can feel panicky, they are often memories that as the bride and groom you will never forget. Hopefully your photography will gauge the tension of the wedding, the last thing you want to do is anger guests who may not be in the best of moods.

Whether you consider you are have an amateur or professional wedding photographer, it is ultimately the quality of work that will capture their prestige. So follow there simple tips to ensure that your photos do the talking capturing your special day and showcasing the photographers work.

With a keen eye for detail, photographer Phil Warrington looks at how you can capture natural and elegant wedding photos in association with Photobooth.