Your guide to the perfect honeymoon

01 Nov 2017

The experts at Travel Insurance Explained share their top tips for ensuring your honeymoon goes without a hitch

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The wedding day is fast approaching and you’re still no closer to booking that honeymoon of a lifetime, and with so much to consider, where should you start?

For some newlyweds, a honeymoon means candlelit dinners and champagne on tap while for others it is the perfect chance to explore what the world has to offer. Whatever you and your significant other decide, your honeymoon should be a once in a lifetime experience - the type of holiday you will be reminiscing about for years to come.

Now it may be tempting to begin researching dream destinations, but the first step should be to set your budget. While this might not be easy, especially if you’re asking for honeymoon contributions instead of a traditional gift registry, once you have a realistic idea of how much you have to spend, you can start looking at destinations, accommodation and activities which you can afford.


So, when should you honeymoon?

Traditionally, the happy couple jet off a few days after the wedding, however, depending on the time of year you get married this could limit your options. Therefore, many newlyweds are choosing to mini-moon for a weekend after the wedding, maybe in the UK or in Europe, before saving for a more luxurious honeymoon later in the year.

Choosing a destination is tricky – there are just so many places. The most important thing is to think about the time of year you want to travel, as the last thing you want is to visit a once in a lifetime destination only to realise it’s the rainy season, or be trapped in your hotel because of a hurricane. Once you have decided on the time of year, consider yours and your partner’s personalities; if you’re the adventurous type, look for somewhere that offers adrenaline fuelled activities like Australia or America, and for those that prefer the quieter life, seek out a hidden retreat in Fiji or the Maldives.

Once you have found your dream location and booked your tickets, the next step is travel insurance. 


Purchasing the right travel insurance

The insurance world can be a bit of a minefield, but these guidelines will help you find the right cover for you.

Take the policy type for example; if you are honeymooning in Greece for two weeks a ‘Single Trip’ policy would be perfect, whereas if you’re planning a six-month adventure in Asia a ‘Longstay’ policy would be more appropriate.

You should always look for a policy to cover cancellation, curtailment (coming home early), personal possessions if they are lost, stolen, damaged or delayed and emergency medical expenses. Although a standard travel insurance policy will offer this cover, before buying you should make sure the cover limits are suitable i.e. if your holiday costs £1,500 per person, you choose a policy that has a minimum cover limit to match.

For couples who are looking to tick off a few activities, don’t forget to check your cover. A selection of activities will be covered as standard under most policies, however those that are a little riskier – sky diving anyone? – may require an additional premium. 

It is important to consider cover for your rings too as the last thing you want is to lose them in the sea or have them stolen. It is really important that you check the valuables or personal possessions limit on your travel insurance to ensure they would cover the cost of replacing your rings.. Alternatively, your rings can be covered under your home insurance – just make sure you have worldwide 'all risks' personal possession cover.


Maiden name vs married name

We know you’re excited to use your new surname, but it might be easier to book everything in your maiden name, to ensure your travel insurance, holiday booking, visa and passport are all in the same name. You can apply for a new passport in your married name up to three months before the wedding, but if you’re travelling straight after the wedding, you may be cutting it fine to get everything back in time.

If you’ve got enough on your plate without thinking about passport forms then don’t worry, as long as this is your first marriage then you can continue to travel on your current passport (in your maiden name) right up until it expires. Just remember to make sure that all of your travel information is in your maiden name as some hospitals will even refuse treatment if your travel documents do not match.


Packing honeymoon essentials

Packing can be the least favourite part of going on holiday, closely followed by the long wait in the departure lounge, but with a little preparation you can make sure you have everything you need for a stress-free honeymoon.

When packing consider your honeymoon’s location and climate – just make sure you keep within the airline weight restrictions. Here are the must-bring items:

1. Sun cream: Even if you’re heading to a cooler climate, wearing sun cream will help prevent any painful burning – such pain can easily ruin your mood, and your honeymoon photos. It is always a good idea to pack high quality after sun cream too – just in case.

2. Appropriate clothing for the activities you will be doing: If you plan on doing a lot of walking pack comfortable clothes and footwear for the day and a nicer outfit for the evening as you will likely be going out for dinner or entertainment. In addition, make sure you pack cover-ups – when visiting temples and mosques you may be asked to cover bare skin as a sign of respect.

3. A mini first aid kit is always a good idea for any holiday. Make sure it contains essentials such as; plasters, rehydrating sachets, safety pins, bandages, antiseptic wipes, bite repellent and bite cream.

4. Bug repellant: If you are heading to a country with a high risk of Zika Virus and are looking to start a family, or are already pregnant, we recommend consulting your doctor and then buying a high-quality bug repellent that contains DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide). This repellent can be used when pregnant or breast-feeding and on children more than two months old.

Only pack the essentials in your hand luggage. Before take-off, cabin crew may ask you to put your hand luggage in the over-head storage. We recommend keeping your valuables, such as your phone and wallet, either in your pocket or in the seat pouch, as your travel insurance may not cover you if your possessions are lost or stolen while not on your person.


What to do in a honeymoon crisis

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, occasionally the worst can happen. Here’s what you should do if you find yourself in a sticky situation on your honeymoon.

1. If you need medical attention, call your insurer’s emergency team – they will be able to liaise with hospitals and make sure you get the treatment you need.

2. In the event that your personal possessions are lost or stolen you will need to file a police report. Before travelling, check the emergency numbers for the country you are travelling to and identify local police stations, hospitals and places of refuge.

3. Write down the contact numbers of family and friends and keep them locked in the hotel safe. That way if your phone is stolen, you will still be able to contact home.

Whether you’re heading off on a trip around the world or just enjoying a week or two in the sun, making sure you have the right cover will mean you and your significant other can head off into the sunset with the peace of mind of knowing that should the worst happen – you will be protected.

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