Bespoke wedding jewellery - You deserve it

04 Aug 2011

Bespoke wedding jewellery - You deserve it

There aren’t many occasions in life where you can demand bespoke jewellery, but your wedding day should definitely be one of them, says Emma Gore of Frill Design

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I remember the day I found my dress. A trip to town with my best friend resulted in a spontaneous visit to a wedding dress shop.Three dresses and some embarrassment later (miss matched underwear and bad fake tan to blame) I tried on ‘the one’. A beautiful champagne dress, which, made me feel like a princess and made my best friend cry! So, you’ve found it too, the perfect dress. Have you started thinking ‘shall I wear a tiara’ ‘what about a necklace’, more decisions, argh! Consider having your accessories made for you by a jewellery designer. There are big benefits:

• Your jewellery will be perfectly matched to your dress - any detailing can be mirrored in your jewellery.

• It will be completely original - this in turn will make you feel even more special.

• You will save a lot of time - no traipsing around shops or surfing the net for hours on end.

• You won’t have to make do - plenty of brides have so much to organise that they decide on jewellery that is just oK.

So, if you have decided that you do, in fact, deserve it and want to find a designer, there are a few things to consider:

• Have a look at their website; is it professional and up to date? - If it is then it’s likely that they will put the same amount of care into your jewellery

• Do you like the jewellery? You may not find exactly what you want on the site (that’s the whole point of commissioning them to design it for you) but if you think everything is hideous then maybe the designer is just not for you

• Can you meet the designer in person? It’s really important to do this if you can (invite them to your home or go to visit their business), it will help cement your trust in them.

• Ask them what their design process is and average timescales - you should know what to expect before you commit to anything

• Can you try on examples of pieces? Hopefully you will be able to do this when you meet them

• Do they have testimonials from other clients? Check if they are up to date. Recommendations from 1985 are no good to you.

Be honest now, you have been reading this article thinking that you will probably need to re-mortgage to pay for this service? It’s not the case, there are lots of designers who can make you feel like a princess without charging you a ‘king’s ransom’. You won’t know if you can afford it, unless you ask. Don’t be reticent to call, the designers who you want to work with, won’t look down their noses at you. If they do, they dont deserve your business!

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