Why your wedding venue can benefit from a marketing strategy

18 Feb 2019

Four ways you can market your wedding venue to best effect and why these methods will reap the rewards

Image: Alasdair Elmes via Unsplash

Marketing opens a whole world of opportunity for creating exposure within any business and the wedding industry is no different. As so many couples are planning to arrange their weddings in 2019, it’s important that your venue stands out and captures their attention.

With brides-to-be going through internet searches and recommendations from reading expert opinion articles, it’s now more crucial than ever that your venue is well-known. One of the best ways of achieving this is by implementing a marketing strategy.

Sarah Kauter, managing director of VerriBerri PR and marketing, explains how venues can benefit from the use of marketing and everything you should include to take your business to the next level.

1. Press exposure

One key area of a marketing strategy is its public relations process. Your venue can truly benefit from press exposure by featuring in articles, offering expert advice on certain topics as well as running events and inviting press to attend.

Targeting not only the bigger publications, but more industry-specific ones with catchy and informative articles not only helps to increase your reputation by showing your knowledge, but your SEO ranking too. Including hyperlinks and website back-links within the article helps to organically bring your venue forward within Google searches and therefore reach more consumers.

2. Social media

Now the go-to route for many couples who are looking to find a wedding venue, social media, and in particular Instagram, is a key part of marketing. However, it’s both easy to be sucked in amongst other accounts and to stand out. Your account should have a strong, consistent theme to it, grabbing the consumer’s attention. Remember, once they load up your Instagram account, they’ll be judging it on the first nine images of your feed.

Not only is the feeds aesthetics important, but your engagement is too. Likes, comments and tags are all a crucial part of growing your social pages to reach a wider audience. Encourage followers to join in with debates and ask questions. The bigger your account becomes, the more attention you’ll draw.

3. Event running

Another way to grow your venues exposure while incorporating the two previous points is through events. Events are a fantastic way to showcase why your venue is different and why it stands out. Creating beautifuldécor and hosting food and drink is a brilliant way to draw attention, while inviting guests as part of an open day packed with fun.

Using PR, you’ll be able to have journalists visit your site, ask you questions and write articles post-visit for their blogs or publications - all adding to an increase in exposure. Events are also great for social media coverage, sharing with your followers what the day consists of and the exciting things you get up to.

4. SEO and blogs

As mentioned previously, ranking highly on Google searches is fundamental for brand exposure. One key and informative way to do this is through blogs. Creating engaging content for your audiences, while also including keywords around the topics you want to appear for in searches, means you can kill two birds with one stone.

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