Five reasons why wedding engagement sessions make lasting impressions

11 Aug 2017

Debating whether to have an engagement photo session? Professional wedding photographer, Zaki Charles, details five reasons why you should have one

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Image gallery

Your wedding photos will be that tangible and shareable memento that, when compiled in your wedding album, become your first family heirloom. These photos are certainly not something you want to leave to chance. However, searching far and wide for the right wedding photographer is not enough. You should take one extra, but crucial, step to ensure that your photos are the best they can be; the engagement session, a session prior to the wedding that accomplishes many goals to make your wedding photographs phenomenal. Professional wedding photographers include this session in all of their collections because they know how important it is. Below are five reasons why you need to consider an engagement session. 

1. Get comfortable 

Your engagement session will allow you to become more comfortable in front of the camera. We are all used to taking selfies, but your wedding photos are much more precious. The session gives you time to get to know your photographer, which will translate into photos that look more natural and capture you and your partner in the best way possible.


2. Strike a pose 

On your big day lots of pictures will be taken, so how will you pose? During the engagement session, your photographer should help you practise easy poses so that they become second nature. This will save you lots of time on your wedding day, ensuring the photos look great, natural, and flattering. Plus, you’d be surprised how quickly you'll be posing like a professional.


3. More pictures

In doing an engagement session, you will receive more photos in a different setting and style. These are photos that you can add to your wedding album, decorate your home with wall art, use for save the dates and invites, or share with friends and family. Engagement sessions allow photographers to capture you and your soon-to-be husband or wife in a state of love and pre-marital glow. Capturing these special moments is truly one of the most enjoyable aspects of a photographer's job. 


4. Signature style

When shooting your engagement session, you are going to get photos that the photographer considers their signature style. These photos are aimed at creating high impact, dramatic pieces of artwork. This imagery will create a wow factor that will stand the test of time and have everyone taking a second, third, fourth, and fifth look.


5. It’s fun

There is no better way to spend the day with your soulmate. You get to be close to each other, laugh, pretend to be models, and connect in a way that will only happen once. Imagine the fun to be had doing something so special without anyone else around trying to get in the photo, get the shot on their phone, or otherwise. You can truly relax and create lasting memories. 


An engagement session is important. It allows you to shake your camera shyness, be wedding-day ready, get high-quality pictures, and have fun with your partner. Try it out for yourself.

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