Why posing for wedding photographs should be embraced

12 Dec 2016

With more and more wedding photography showcasing naturally documented styles, Chanon deValois Photography discusses why staged shots still have a place in your special day

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Image gallery

With photojournalism and reportage styles being banded about in wedding photography, we are getting further away from the real essence of having a professional photographer. After all, anyone can wander about and take pictures of people chatting or laughing, but a professional looks at the light, the expressions and the framing.

Have you ever wondered what you are supposed to do with your hands? Most people do. Posing is not just about where you put your hands, it is also about where you are within your surroundings and other subjects, where the light is and how it falls best on you. Good posing should not look over-posed, but should be flattering.



Simple little adjustments can show the cut of your dress or the stunning lace as well as complement your figure and show off your hairstyle. A simple placement of hands can add intimacy or connection to a photograph. The posing that is used by professionals has been used for decades; it does not date a photograph.

We can all use a little help to look our best in photographs and why not take the extra minutes to ensure that you do on your wedding day? After all, not everyone is a professional model and your photographs are the thing that will out-live you.




Top tips for posing:

  1. Never stand straight on to the camera; the best angle is 45 degrees. A slight angle will ensure the most flattering shot.
  2. Never stand with your arms straight down to your sides as it adds width to your body. Create space with a hand on your hip, connecting with other people in the photograph or with hands behind your back.
  3. Good posture is key; stand up straight with your shoulders back.
  4. Always put your weight on you back foot, this will elongate limbs and lengthen your torso in the forefront of the photo.
  5. Lastly, enjoy yourself. Don’t try too hard and get too caught up in adopting the perfect pose. Relax and have fun with the photographer.




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