Why I'm having my nan as my bridesmaid

07 Jun 2017

Proving that age is just a number, bride-to-be blogger Emma-Louise details why she has chosen her beloved nan as her bridesmaid

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In just under three months time I'll be standing on a cliff-side in Santorini, Greece, getting married, and by my side I will have my nan as one of my bridesmaids. 

When I tell people, their reactions are generally positive although some have given me an odd look. It may not be the norm to have an elderly relative in your bridal party, but I can't wait to have my nan alongside me on my big day. 

When I asked my nan to be  bridesmaid, I will admit that I'd had a few glasses of wine. This doesn't mean I made my decision lightly, after all the truest words are said when you've had a drink or two, but it did mean that I had to convince my nan I hadn't been joking. 

My nan is so much younger than her years. On a recent trip to Spain she was my drinking partner, often suggesting we buy a bottle rather than a glass with meals. She has an amazing sense of humour and comes out with the funniest one liners, often totally smutty. She is fiercely protective of her family and always there for those who need her, whether emotionally or financially. 


As with all close relationships, ours hasn't always been plain sailing and we've had our fair share of fallouts, often over our shared inability to let things go and our quick temper. But we always make up and I know that she would always be there for me no matter what. 

My nan is my biggest fan, always supporting me with my blog and everything I do in my career. Despite having three children out of wedlock, my traditional nan has only ever shown mild disapproval, and has taken to her role as great grandmother to my kids with enthusiasm. 

When I had my first son at the start of my fourth and final year of university, my nan looked after him whilst I was at lectures, and brought him to me in his buggy so that I could breastfeed him in my breaks. I honestly couldn't have graduated along with the rest of my year without the help of her and my mum.

Having my nan as a bridesmaid did throw up a few obstacles when planning our wedding; the bridesmaid dresses had to not only flatter different shapes and sizes, but also work for somebody more than twice the age of the other girls. I embraced the challenge though and found a beautiful dress which everybody is comfortable in and I know they will all look stunning on the day, my nan included. 

My nan will be walking down the aisle alongside our two flower girls, with my other two bridesmaids following behind. Having struggled with her breathing in the past few months, I want her to be able to sit down as quickly as possible and this way she can also keep my daughter, who is prone to misbehaving, in check. 


My nan has been really involved with the planning stages of the wedding. Although she wasn't there when I found my wedding dress, I made sure to send her a photo right away and her opinion has been important every step of the way as I want her to feel confident on the day. 

As well as the dress, I've made sure my nan is included along with the others when it comes to getting ready on the morning of the wedding, and providing gifts. It may be a 'novelty' to have her as a bridesmaid, but she is by no means less special than the rest of my bridal party. 

Without meaning to sound morbid, since losing my grandad when I was only 12, I've tried to appreciate all the time we have with my nan. I have a tattoo to honour my grandad on my left wrist and one I asked my nan to design for me on my right. My grandad missed out on meeting my children and seeing me get married. I want my nan to not only witness my wedding, I want her to be a firm part of it.

Read more about Emma-Louise's wedding journey at http://evenangelsfall.com

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