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Planning a wedding: why wedding fireworks are worth it

12 Oct 2020

Those wanting their special day to go with a bang are increasingly likely to hire a professional fireworks company to bring a generous helping of sparkle to the event

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David Wrighting, owner of To Die For Events, which stages wedding fireworks displays, expects demand to grow as happy couples seek to make their celebration even more special.
“If it’s going to become the norm for weddings to be smaller, then that’s all the more reason to have fireworks,” he suggests.
“Couples will make savings on the catering and elsewhere, so why not give a smaller number of people a really spectacular evening?”

why-fireworks-are-worth-it-1Fireworks are bright, cheerful and fit in with the happy mood. Picture: To Die For Events

Are wedding fireworks worth it?
Based on the Norfolk Suffolk border, To Die For Events, which is also in event management and stages interactive murder mystery nights, is highly experienced at pyrotechnics.
And David, who can organise everything from indoor fireworks fountains and stage pyrotechnics to large displays choreographed to music, is in no doubt why wedding fireworks are so popular.
“It’s a really visual way of celebrating getting married,” he observes.
It costs between £100 and £200 a minute for a pyromusical display; so for a five-minute display, the happy couple could be looking at between £500 and £1,000.
“Fireworks aren’t cheap and, if you want them, you do need to set aside enough to make them special,” he says. “You don’t just want two sparklers and a fountain!”

why-fireworks-are-worth-it-2Make your special day go off with a bang. Picture: To Die For Events

Why hire professionals?
David, who is behind Norfolk’s first drive-in fireworks display, says there are many reasons to book professionals.
“You get a much better and safer display; we can choreograph the display to music, and you don’t have to worry about having one of your guests going out and lighting the touch paper.
“We do a full risk assessment; have public liability insurance and can still fire if it rains as we have ways of water-proofing the fireworks.
“We can take the worry away and you don’t have to clear up afterwards!”

why-fireworks-are-worth-it-3Add a spectacular finish to smaller ceremonies. Picture: To Die For Events

Colour and light
Those considering a display often ask which colour firework is the most expensive and what size fireworks professionals use. David has all the answers:
“Professionals are able to use much larger fireworks. Some of our smaller ones are the same size as the largest consumer ones.
“Colour doesn’t make a practical difference to what you pay because there are so many variations, what alters the cost is how big a bang it makes,” he says.
“But what is worth considering, is what colours you want and, again, this is where a professional fireworks company can help.
“I can go to my wholesalers and say I have a bride who just wants blue, gold and silver, whereas fireworks you buy in a shop will all be a mixture of different colours.”
Professionals can also avoid the danger of heavy sticks falling from rockets as they use mortar shells, which also create a bigger, brighter effect.

why-fireworks-are-worth-it-4The display can be choreographed in time with music. Picture: To Die For Events

Planning a wedding
David is very happy to work with other entertainers, events’ organisers and wedding planners.
“We can work with live bands, although if you want the fireworks choreographed, the timings are much more accurate with recorded music,” he explains.
“We can also tie in with an entertainer who is acting as MC for the event; they can build the crowd up and do the introductions.
“We like working with wedding planners as they are very organised. The trouble with planning your own wedding is that it is usually unknown territory and can be very stressful.”
While a number of 2020’s weddings were postponed until next year, there is still some availability for those keen to have fireworks on their big day, David says.
“Fireworks are bright, cheerful and fit in with the happy mood,” he adds. “They can be a wonderful end to the perfect day.”

For more information visit or call 07733 230206.


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