Why choose a professional photographer for your wedding day?

18 Jun 2014

Why choose a professional photographer for your wedding day?

Photographer Darren Lovell advises brides to be on the importance of getting it right when it comes to your wedding photography

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Image gallery

Why spend money when a friend offers to take your photos for you? There are numerous reasons why you should employ a professional to 'do the job' for you, with some of the key points outlined below.

Equipment - First and foremost, the quality of the images you have of your big day should be of the highest standard, well framed and suitably stylised. While photographers are the people using the equipment, they must primarily have professional-grade cameras, lenses and (importantly) backup equipment with which to work. On many occasions friends have offered or been asked to take the photos of a wedding - only to discover half way through the day that their batteries have died, their memory cards are full up or the camera itself has fallen foul of exuberant merriment.. dropped in a glass of Pimms. A professional will have reserve cameras and lenses to be sure they are well equipped to deal with any eventuality. By employing a professional you are securing 'peace of mind', knowing that the photographic element of the day is being approached at the highest level, in order to record your day beautifully and without any hiccups.

Insurance - Public Liability Insurance offers peace of mind. Obviously there is never the intention to use the insurance, things should go smoothly. However, it covers any unforeseen or unfortunate accidents. It is the responsibility of the photographer to be sure they are properly insured to deal with the public and maintain their equipment to a working condition, you should always ask to see proof. I have full Public Liability and Equipment Insurance. 

Post production - This is a large element of the time it takes to deliver the finished images to a client. Asking a friend will often result in a disc of countless images, unedited, some blurred or out of focus and sometimes missing vital parts of the proceedings. A professional will offer the images to you in an edited, high resolution and stylised (if that's what you're after) way, i.e. from the thousands of shots taken, the best of the best make the grade and they are then edited to produce the best final image. It is this time and attention to detail that determines the quality of your photos. Depending on work load, the final USB of images will be ready from between 2-6 weeks maximum.

Time - As with all my wedding packages, I will cover your entire wedding day - from the bride's preparations to the first dance… very often beyond that. This enables me to be sure that every important part of your day is covered. Having a working knowledge of the established timetable of a wedding, professionals are well versed at being in the right place at the right time. There is also the consultation or meeting time that allows you to be sure you're comfortable with whom you have chosen - this is vitally important with getting 'relaxed/natural' images. Spending this time with a client, very often at the venue prior to the big day, offers some comfort knowing when and where things will occur during the day. You shouldn't have to worry at all, that is key.

What you want - The bottom line is this - it is your wedding day, it's a big deal. If you specifically want photos of Great-Aunt Gertrude sumptuously consuming French Fancies like a Dyson, then that's what we must photograph. I'm always elated when I’m employed by someone to shoot their special day, it's never regarded as 'another job'- every one is unique and should be treated so. In working closely with you I aim to deliver great customer service while maintaining focus upon what it is you would like from the photos I take. In setting a professional photographer the task of shooting your day, you are essentially leaving it in their hands - it's got to be right, and that's what I'm here for. 




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