27 Feb 2014

Who do I invite to my wedding?

All soon-to-be-brides and grooms have an ongoing list of tasks pulling them in every direction, and you will no doubt be the same! The wedding invitation list is a vital part of any nuptial preparations, but it’s not one that everyone looks forward to with great excitement.

What’s more, formulating this all-important guest list isn’t without its obstacles. From losing the paper copy you put in a “safe place” to forgetting your second-cousin-twice-removed who you’ve not seen for 15 years, there more than a few hurdles you’ll need to overcome!

That’s where tools like our Invite Tracker and WeddingSite To-Do List Planner come in; sign up for free to WeddingSite today and you’ll get a ready-made to-do-list that you can edit and adjust for all your personal nuances, plus a range of other fantastic tools that should make putting together the biggest day of your life that little bit easier.

But who exactly should you invite to your wedding? Let’s take a closer look…

It’s important to remember that every family is different, but as a general rule of thumb, close family members are going to expect an invite to your entire wedding.

Your grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles would all undoubtedly love to share your special day and for many, cousins will also come under this bracket.

When it comes to distant family and the spouses of all family members, this is your judgement call. Ask yourself who you’re closest to and try and work along those lines. Also remember your budget: how far will it stretch?

It’s a well-known saying that “you can’t choose your family”, and when it comes to your big day, this axiom rings truer than ever. That’s right: you’ve got to invite that dreaded awkward aunt or the cringe-worthy uncle, but they’re family and you regret it otherwise. Besides, you might actually enjoy an impromptu guitar solo from your Dad...

We have various levels of friendship that are rarely brought into question...until now!

Your oldest friends might be involved in the whole day, whilst distant mates from your university days are often reserved for just the after party, but determining who comes under which bracket can be a tough and confusing process.

The great thing about using WeddingSite’s Invite Tracker is you can simply tick the boxes that apply to each person whether they’re attending the reception, ceremony or party. You’re in complete control. It’s a clean and easy way to keep track of everything to do with your guests with the ‘at a glance’ overview option and you can even design your invites online without needing to write out all those addresses – so you can even reduce that carbon footprint guilt!

It’s a tricky issue when it comes to plus-ones. Some plus ones you may know better than others, and there is that all-important budget to contend with as well. Tradition saw only connections to the bride’s mother being allowed a plus one. Now weddings are becoming even more lavish and this, of course, leads to even more guests. You may be concerned about ruffling a few feathers, but it comes down to two factors; not only being able to accommodate these plus ones, but whether you want them to be at your special day too…

No matter how small or large your wedding is, forgetting just one person can cause you grief at a time when your energy should be focused on tiaras, cakes and vows. With careful planning and a little bit of a helping hand from WeddingSite’s online tools, organising your guest list needn’t be so difficult. Controlling your family on the other hand, may just require a little bit more luck...

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