What's hot in wedding jewellery for 2018

22 Jan 2018

From back necklaces to shoulder duster earrings, here are the key jewellery trends brides will tap into this year

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Image gallery

Every bride wants their wedding to be memorable, so planning every element with this in mind will undoubtedly prove stressful. Trying to find the perfect dress is a difficult task; and when your dress is decided upon, it's the matter of ladies jewellery to consider. If you're in need of some inspiration, take a look at these six key trends for the year. 

Forehead band

Veils aren’t a necessity anymore at weddings and if you're looking for a more modern substitute, a forehead band is a great choice. As beautiful and fitting as the band might be, it also has a practical use for the whole day, keeping your hair out of your face so posing for photographs won't prove a problem. This piece of jewellery is also ideal if you haven’t decided on how you are styling your hair yet, as it works perfectly with your hair up or down. Available in a variety of styles, the forehead band can be dainty or iconic. 



If you’re planning on wearing a strapless dress or a dress with a plunging neckline, a choker can offer just the right amount of bling. Balance your bridal ensemble with the style of choker you choose; while a thicker choker can offset an otherwise simple dress, a more dainty choker will let the gown do all the talking. 


Back necklaces

Backless dresses are already a current trend and back necklaces are only increasing in popularity. It’s a unique piece of jewellery that steals a small amount of attention away from the dress itself. When walking down and standing at the end of the aisle there is a long period of time where you're stood with your back to your guests, so give them something to look at with a back as beautiful as the front. 


Shoulder duster earrings

The bigger the better for brides this year. Brides tend to wear larger earrings for weddings and the classic choice is normally the chandelier style. 2018 takes it a step further with the shoulder duster earrings which offer an amazing statement look that helps to frame the face. The earrings receive their name as they usually elegantly graze the collarbone; it’s a memorable style and accentuates the neckline, especially with bare shoulders and hair gathered up.


Oversized necklaces

Be loud and proud with your jewellery by opting for a current trend that is set to continue into 2018 and beyond - the oversized necklace. Strapless dresses or low necklines look best with this piece of jewellery and don't be afraid to be daring. 



A step in the opposite direction, brides who don't want to be overburdened by jewellery will rejoice in the minimalist trend this year. Picking out smaller pieces of jewellery or maybe something with personal meaning is a great choice for those on a lower budget or who don’t fancy an overly extravagant look. After all, it’s all about personal preference.   


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