What type of wedding spender (or saver) are you?

14 Jun 2018

From a Skilled Saver to a Spontaneous Spender, we reveal the eight financial personalities you may identify with 

To mark the launch of its Connected Money app, HSBC UK in partnership with YouGov, has unveiled eight financial personalities which correspond to their respective saving and spending habits. 

Becky Moffat, head of personal banking and advance for HSBC UK, says: “We want to encourage Great Britain to start thinking about how their financial personality could affect how they manage their money, which is why we’ve released the Bank-Life Balance test."

Here is a summary of the personalities with their characteristic views on weddings and relationships; take the test below:

Driven Achiever (15% of the UK)

You know what you're doing when it comes to managing your money. You spend time doing your research, allowing you to make savvy decisions and are comfortable pushing your financial boundaries if you think there’s going to be a pay-off. 

Budget Guru (7% of the UK)

Your financial discipline is the envy of your friends as you balance the books to come in on budget. You’re not one to splash out, but take carefully considered financial decisions.

Fun fact: Budget Gurus believe that they are only happy when they are in a relationship.

Self Sufficient Spender (14% of the UK)

You are a confident multi-tasker who knows what you want. You’re independent in spirit and like to make things as easy as possible, so you’re a keen online shopper. Although you’re not flashy, investing in quality matters to you and you like to live life your way. 

Fun fact: This is the personality that doesn't believe in a large celebration for a wedding. 

Skilled Saver (10% of the UK)

You keep a tight rein on your finances and your strict budgeting skills mean you always stay on track. A resourceful nature means that nothing goes to waste when you’re around. Careful saving habits make you adverse to taking on credit cards or loans so you always live within your means. 

Fun fact: More than 50% of Skilled Savers believe that weddings are a waste of money. 

Trend Spender (16% of the UK)

You are ruled by your heart so stretching your finances doesn’t scare you as long as you can maintain your lifestyle. After all, if you see it, you want it. 

Sensible Sage (15% of the UK)

“The sensible one” - That’s possibly what you are likely to hear. “Save now to spend later” is your motto. Being considered is very important to you and you see no point in getting into debt unless you can pay it off in full every month. Bargains matter, as does finding the best deal. 

Fun fact: More than 54% of Sensible Sages feel that it is important that their family approve of their partner. 

Spontaneous Spender (9% of the UK)

Your friends come to you for wisdom as you are always trying new things and have new ideas. Spontaneity is very important to you. If it’s a choice of staying in to save money or going out to the latest restaurant you’re all about the latter. 

Fun fact: Spontaneous Spenders believe that weddings should be a large celebration with lots of people. They are also most likely to be hopeless romantics out of all of the financial personalities

Controlled Saver (14% of the UK)

You're in total control when it comes to finances. Saving is important to you and you're cautious when it comes to taking on any financial risk. You're no slave to labels and rarely splash out, but you're loyal to the brands you know and love. The personal touch is important to you, so you prefer conducting your financial affairs face to face. 

Fun fact: More than 46% of Controlled Savers feel it is important to be married before having children.

What type of financial personality are you when it comes to wedding planning? Take the Bank-Life Balance test and record the results below. 


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