What style of wedding cake?

15 Sep 2014

What style of wedding cake?

Still undecided on your wedding cake style, heres a few ideas to get you started 

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Image gallery

What sort of cake should you have for your wedding? The choice is up to up to you; the style of your day and how you’re going to serve it.


TRADITIONAL. The three or more tiered cake. Tiers can be square, round, hexagonal, even a mixture of shapes if you want to be different! Tiers can lie flat against each other, or be separated by pillars or stands; there are also cake stands which have the tiers separate from each other but still going upwards.


CUPCAKES. A few years ago cupcakes were THE thing to have for your wedding cake. Although styles have reverted again cupcakes are still popular and are great if you intend to serve your wedding cake as dessert to your guests; there’s no messing about cutting the cake, guests can just help themselves. Pile them up to create one stunning cake or have one small top tier for you and the groom (tradition says you should save the top layer of your cake for your first child’s christening) and have the cupcakes making up the bottom layers. Be as creative as you want! You could even have male and female decorated cupcakes; have guests initials piped on them or even their faces!


CHARACTER CAKES. These cakes can really add to the wow factor for a wedding; we’ve seen them as fairytale castles, camper vans, teapots and even a series of handbags. Alternatively you could have a simple cake with character decoration on top; replicate the top table, a beach scene or recreate your favourite hobbies or how you both met!


WHOOPIE PIES are an alternative to cupcakes. They are individually baked pies, cookie or cakes (depending on your own terms) that originate from America. They are made of two round mound shaped pieces of chocolate cake with a sweet, creamy filling or frosting between the layers.


CROQUEMBOUCHE. A cone shaped tower of choux pastry smothered in chocolate and decorate. Just remember this type of cake (which originated in France) is great to look at, yummy to eat, but more difficult to cut than a traditional number.


CHEESE CAKE. Rounds of different cheeses of diminishing sizes stacked on top of each other, starting with a large cheddar and working up to a small blue.


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