What first dance style is right for your wedding?

10 Nov 2017

Discover which style of first dance suits you as a couple and take a look at some brides and grooms who perfected their moves

Words: Georgia Selidh

The first dance has a long and historically significant tradition. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment it first took place, but it’s assumed that the tradition of the first dance commenced sometime in the 17th century. Royals and esteemed wealthy families would host balls and it was usually the guest of honour who would lead the first dance. Not long after, this tradition made its way into weddings and is now an integral part of every wedding reception. To couples, it’s incredibly important because even though they’re surrounded by a lot of people, they share a special moment that’s packed with emotion.

Simple and timeless

More often than not, traditional couples have a soft spot for timeless ballads such as The Way You Look Tonight, which is probably one of the most romantic songs of all time. If you’re a traditionalist at heart, the waltz is unquestionably your perfect style of dance. This is a sophisticated and elegant dance almost custom-made for ballads, and it requires a certain amount of practice. Therefore, taking up dance classes for adults should be on your wedding preparation list as the dance features a set of box steps, as well as turning patterns.

The playful couple

If the two of you have that innate whimsy and you want to show it off to the world, the foxtrot might just fit the bill. Its medium tempo and playful moves are a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to shine, but as some of the moves are somewhat complex, seeking the help of a professional is recommended. The additional incentive is that this particular style works amazingly well with most contemporary songs, so you won’t have to make compromises in that area.

Pure energy and joy

This next dance requires a fun-loving spirit and a soft spot for all things vintage. For those couples who are extremely light on their feet, boast confidence in their dance abilities and have a goal to set a true party tone, swing or lindy hop is the perfect choice. You may need to be in good shape but the choreography itself is incredibly easy to learn, plus it gives you the opportunity to flirt with each other in a fun and energetic way. 

Sensuality and sophistication

Both sensual and incredibly romantic, the slow dance is not for the faint of heart. Only couples who have great passion for each other and aren’t afraid to channel that passion in front of their closest friends and family members should do this dance. It requires plenty of steamy eye contact and intricate sensual moves. Needless to say, an abundance of practice is inevitable so bring your dancing shoes along with your passion.

Take your pick

Once you have chosen your style of dance here are some suggestions of songs to complement it. Equally, you may use the song as your starting point before deciding on your dance type. For the waltz, The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra is one of the best choices. For the foxtrot, All Of Me by John Legend, a song that has already become of the most classic love songs. Swing music comes with its own set of rules, but surprisingly Christina Aguilera’s Candyman fits the bill. 

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