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What does your bouquet say about you?

16 Jun 2017

Discover the true meaning behind your bouquet choices and what it says about you and your partner

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Wedding traditions are all about symbolism: from the rings you exchange to the flowers you carry down the aisle. Although many of us no longer have the botanical knowledge of our grandparents (and our more green-fingered ancestors), the bouquet you throw on your wedding day and the flowers you choose to festoon your special occasion could be infused with all sorts of special meanings.

From beautiful blooms symbolising sweetness and devotion, to gorgeous foliage which represents fidelity and constancy, what do the flowers in your bridal bouquet and wedding arrangements say about your unique love? Decoding your carefully picked blooms, here are the meanings behind five of favourite wedding flowers...

Red roses

What they say about you: You are a true, traditional romantic with plenty of spark and  passion in your relationship.


Probably the most iconic romantic flower of all time, roses are completely inseparable from their loved-up associations. From passionate tango dancers throwing each other around South American dance floors with roses clenched between their teeth, to Pippa Middleton's rose adorned pillars at her wedding, there's no hiding from the heady emotions evoked by roses.

But did you know that different coloured roses symbolise different aspects of love? Pink roses represent admiration and white roses represent purity, yellow roses symbolise friendship and optimism, while red roses are all about pure passion.


What they say about you: Your relationship is a sweet one and you and your betrothed are each other's best friend.


Bold, unmistakably feminine, and gorgeously springlike, there's a mystery and a romance to peonies which is very hard to match. Less obvious than a rose, the peony is layered, full of texture and available in a huge array of pretty colours (take a peek at more peony shades here).

Just like roses, there are different ideas and emotions that are linked to different peony shades. Pink peonies have long been associated with love, romance and affection – making them a charming, meaningful wedding flower. You could also consider deep red peonies which symbolise honour and respect.


What they say about you: You and your love are unconventional and make a dynamic pairing which is really going places.


Elegant, stunningly scented, and visually striking, lilies are a slightly more unusual choice of wedding flower, but their wealth of symbolism and true beauty make them a great choice for your bridal bouquet.

Although lilies are most often associated with funerals, their use at these more sombre occasions symbolises the innocence and purity of the departed, not any kind of sorrow. If your love is pure, or perhaps you are marrying your first love, the powerfully perfumed lily is a stunning and very appropriate choice of bloom.


What they say about you: You relationship is bursting with love and humour and you don’t care who knows it. For you two, family will always come first.


Complex, big and bold, chrysanthemums add instant density and colour to wedding flower arrangements, making them a brilliant choice for couples who love to make an impact.

Available in a huge range of colours and variations, chrysanthemums stand for happiness and long life overall, but each shade has a specific meaning of its own too. Red chrysanthemums symbolise love, white chrysanthemums represent truth, and yellow chrysanthemums are traditionally given by a secret admirer.


What they say about you: You truly treasure your relationship. You and your love work hard to care and nurture each other despite your differences.


The delicate and exotic orchid can be the perfect counterpoint to your elegant bridal look. If you value simplicity and refined beauty, these understated but unmistakably gorgeous flowers could be the perfect choice for your wedding.

While in ancient Greek culture the orchid represented virility and fertility, in more recent tradition the symbology of the orchid is all about beauty and love. The former meaning is thanks to the bloom's obvious good looks; the latter stems from the Victorian belief that the rarer the floral gift, the more affection was held for the recipient.

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