Well groomed

24 Apr 2013

Well groomed

Our handy guide for picking the perfect grooms outfit.

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When it comes to his wedding day the groom is pretty much easy to sort isn’t he? He just throws on a smart suit and he’s done. Right? Wrong! The wedding day is a big deal for the groom as well and, when his wife-to-be has spent so much time choosing the perfect dress he doesn’t want to turn up wearing something he’d wear to the office on any other day does he? While there might not be as much choice to confuse the groom when it comes to dressing for his own big day there are a number of style options for him to choose from. These include:

• MORNING SUITS are ideal for traditional weddings and popular all year round. They look smart, featuring a single breasted tailed jacket with one (or sometimes two) buttons. If the trousers are the same colour as the jacket it is known as a morning suit. Morning dress is the tailed jacket worn with stripy trousers. Both options are worn with waistcost, either a turned down collar shirt or high detachable wing collar shirt, cravat, handkerchief or pocket square in the pocket of the jacket and black Oxford shoes. Top hats can also be worn with this look.

• LOUNGE SUITS are the most common suits worn today and are more flattering if they are single breasted. A slim fitted lounge suit gives more shape around the waist. These shape suits are timeless so won’t date in your wedding photographs.

• DINNER SUITS/TUXEDOS are worn for more formal, black tie weddings – often in the winter. They are distinguished by the satin or grosgrain facings on the jackets lapels and buttons and a similar stripe down the outseam of the trousers. They are usually black and worn with formal shirt and bow tie.

• LINEN SUITS or those in light fabrics or colours are often chosen for weddings abroad or more casual summer affairs at home.

• HIGHLAND DRESS is another option, especially if your groom has Scottish origins. This normally consists of a black semi-formal kilt jacket, waistcoat, kilt, white shirt, tie, brogues, tarton, argyle, diced or dark hose, flashes or garter ties, sporran, sgian dubh, (knife) or dirk (dagger).

Tips for the groom

• For most of the ceremony your back will be turned to the audience so make sure you suit fits well.

• Keep shirt colours simple – white is always best, then accessories with colourful tie or cravat. Make sure you wash the shirt before the wedding – you don’t want it scratching all day!

• The tie or cravat can reflect your personality or the wedding theme.

• Make sure your shoes are smart but comfortable too. Like the bride you’ll be in them all day, so you don’t want them pinching. Guests are less forgiving of the groom in his socks than the bride in bare feet, flip flops or trainers!

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