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10 wedding tips for brides on a budget

01 Jul 2012

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With the average cost of a wedding reaching £15.5k* it is imperative to identify your budget. So, before you start splurging money on venues, flowers and a wedding cake, Kate & Wills-style, consider the bigger picture. Identify the areas you’d both like to splash out on and then the parts you’d like to save money on. To help we have compiled 10 wedding tips to help you keep costs at bay, without disrupting the romance!

1. Outline your budget Both agree on a figure for the entire day. This way you can distribute the money in the areas that are most important to you both. Next, choose a location, then, with the help of your budget tracker, you will be guided as to how to distribute your budget. For example a larger proportion of your budget should be spent on your venue than on the flowers and invitations.

2. Get inspiration for free Although we all love flicking through those gorgeous bridal magazines, sourcing your inspiration from them can quickly add up. Instead try mixing it up - browse websites and find free wedding shows to attend. There are plenty to be found, locally and nationally. We recommend our partner company The Wedding Show who run free shows all across the UK.

3. Plan ahead Once you know the date or season you would like to wed, start planning. With the help of our wedding directory you can shop around for deals and get tips from other brides. This gives you plenty of time to source dresses and invitations from places you would not have necessarily thought of. WeddingSite also provides a bespoke to-do list based on your wedding date, so you don't forget anything! Best of all - it's completely free to use!

4. Get married on a weekday Having your wedding ceremony on a weekday is a great way to plan your wedding on a budget as you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. South Farm for example, charges £700 (+ VAT) for a weekday wedding ceremony in the winter months, versus £4750 for a weekend wedding in the summer months. Your guests may have to take time off work to attend your weekday wedding, so ensure you give them plenty of notice with a save-the-date notification.

5. Add personal touches Why not hand-make your wedding invitations? It’ll make your guests feel more exclusive as they open your invite featuring that personal touch. Take a look at the Rock My Wedding blog – with a whole host of DIY tips for your wedding.

6. Use your wedding cake as dessert Instead of serving desert at the end of your wedding meal consider using your cake as your something sweet. Why not cut the top-tier of the cake and then have individual cup cakes for each guest as dessert? Or follow the Italian’s and have your chef make a Millefoglie wedding cake in front of the guests. One of our team did this at her Tuscan wedding and it went down a storm with the guests.

7. BYOB Some venues allow you to pay a corkage fee so that you can bring your own alcohol. As well as saving money, this allows you to choose your own alcohol rather than adhering to a wine list provided by the venue. What’s more it means you’re not facilitating an endless bar tab for the entire night and stops that uncle, you haven’t seen since you were nine, falling asleep at the table because he’s had too much vino!

8. Wait You do not have to go on your honeymoon the day after your wedding ceremony - especially if you’re getting married in July or August. With holiday prices peaking in the summer months, hang on and go in September or earlier the following the year – avoiding the premium prices and giving you something to look forward to once the excitement has died down.

9. Ask friends and family for favours Have you got a friend who is a hairdresser or nail technician? Calling on friends will save on a huge beauty bill for you and your bridesmaids. Or maybe you have a friend that has lovely handwriting to write your invitations? Asking friends or family for a bit of help preparing your wedding is our ideal money saving tip, because your wedding will be as important to them as it is to you. So start consulting that phone book!

10. Take a step back every fortnight. You need to keep things in perspective when planning your big day, so every two weeks take a step back and look at what you have organised. Guests won’t be picking about the cerise vs baby pink napkins, spend those extra few pounds elsewhere.

Remember: enjoy yourself. The day is about you and your bridegroom having your dream wedding - not about pleasing everyone else. Keeping costs down does not mean scrimping on your whole day, but it helps to allow you to spend money on the things that are important to you. Just don’t follow Kate and William’s lead of spending £500,000 on flowers and you should be fine!

Happy Planning! xxx

Geeta xx

Chief Wedding Consultant

Follow us: @WeddingSiteUK

*Information from http://www.compareweddinginsurance.org.uk/articles/average-cost-uk-wedding

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