Wedding shoe trends for 2017

07 Dec 2016

Getting married in 2017? Take a look at the top trends in wedding shoes

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Image gallery

Whether covered by your dress or on the show for the world to see, your wedding shoes are a vital component in your bridal ensemble. Give your feet some thought with these top trends for 2017, as advised by Pink Paradox Shoes.

Bold and colourful

Colourful wedding shoes are set to be a big trend in 2017, with brides opting to add a little colour to the usual all-white look. Pastels in particular are proving to be a popular choice for wedding shoes, expected to take off in spring 2017.

Something blue

A new take on ‘the something blue’ tradition is expected to grow in popularity with brides making a blue addition to their shoes. If blue isn’t your colour, how about incorporating it into your bridesmaids' dresses or your general colour scheme?


Lacy and elegant

Lacy shoes seem to come under ‘vintage chic’ on many blogs, but they are an increasingly modern trend. Lacy shoes are a brilliant, ageless way to add texture and style, especially if the style of dress you have gone for is more on the plain side.

As shown below, don’t feel you have to wear high heels on the day, it’s down to what makes you feel comfortable. Brides spend a lot more time on their feet than you’d expect, and unless you are used to wearing heels they could really hurt your feet.


Glitz and Glam

Sparkly shoes are a great trend for any winter wedding, especially those that are Christmas themed. However, there is a place for sparkle all year round - it is, after all, your wedding day. Whether you go all-out sparkle or just a little within an embellishment, a bit of bling adds a bit more luxury to your look.

Sparkly buckles offer an elegant touch. If sparkles adorn your dress, then this can be a great way to match your shoes without feeling like you’ve gone overboard on the glitz.


Top tips for your wedding shoes:

  • When shopping for wedding shoes, remember that there are many shades of white; not all shoes will be an exact match to your dress.
  • Shop for shoes at the end of the day. Your feet swell throughout the day, so if new shoes fit in the morning, they may not fit as well in the afternoon.
  • It’s OK to wear flats. Or if you just have to have the gorgeous six inch heels, it’s fine to have a pair of flats to change into.
  • Think of the venue. Grass and stilettos aren’t the best match….

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