5 Ways To Get Glowing Wedding Skin

01 Apr 2015

Ensure clear, glowing skin for your wedding day with these top tips for the days, weeks and months before your big day

Lucy Jayne Makeup lets us into her makeup bag and gives us her top tips for preparing your skin for the big day and her safety products.

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Image gallery

Are you a bride wondering how to get perfect, clear wedding skin on your wedding day? It's the vicious circle of worrying about spots bringing on the dreaded red blemishes. For brides in such a quandary,we have approached an expert for her top tips on how to get good wedding day skin.

Lucy Jayne Makeup lets us into her makeup bag and gives us her top tips for preparing your skin for the big day, making us privy to her safety products.

"It’s very rare for someone to have perfect skin; if you are one of those people you are very lucky," she says. "I have always suffered with my skin and I have only just found an antibiotic cream that works for me at the age of 30. The one thing most brides want to know is, do I have products that can cover spots/acne/oily skin and will it stay covered all day? Yes, I do."


Lucy Jayne's Wedding Preparation Skin Tips

1.Spots and treatment

There are many different types of acne – for some ladies it’s hormonal, others its persistent cystic acne, food allergies, and then there are some that ‘breakout’ in stressful situations. The smaller spots (blackheads, whiteheads) are more on the surface of the skin and if its coming up to the big day and you know you suffer with either if these it may be an idea to get a few facials booked in or an antibiotic cream to help shift these spots. Doing this a few months to the run up it may help significantly. If you get these spots as well as cystic acne you may need something stronger. From my personal experience, after trying all of the lotions, potions and spot creams, I have always needed antibiotics for my cystic acne but it is slow working and can take up to three to five months to kick in. Once it does, it makes it worthwhile. This takes a bit of forward planning and patience.

*Antibiotics have always worked for me but are not right for everyone. I understand that people’s opinions are split about this but it was a last resort after trying counter creams, homeopathic creams, changing my diet etc.

2. Beauty Treatments

Do you love a good pamper session? Then this could be the option for you. Feeling less like a chore and more of a relaxation technique, facials work by pushing the impurities up to the surface of the skin and by doing so improves the skins condition. Initially it may make your skin appear worse but after a few treatments you will really see a difference.

3. Skin Prep
If you have very oily skin one mistake people make is to wash a lot with heavy duty facial washes and to avoid moisturiser. The more you wash the more it strips your skin of natural oils that it needs so your sebaceous glands produce even more oil to compensate, and this also applies if you don’t use moisturiser. Your skin still needs to be clean so wash twice a day with a gentle cleanser and by using a cream that doesn’t block pores, works with your skin, that is lightweight, oil free and tailored to oily skin. It will create a good base to then apply your makeup and will keep you skin looking and feeling hydrated and not greasy.

4. Getting a Good Base Product
Products that have shimmer or shine will highlight any bumps you may have on your skin, opt for a matt primer that helps absorb excess oils. When using foundation I don’t agree with the thicker the better, just because you have bad skin doesn’t mean you have to wear a foundation mask. You want to find a foundation that has medium coverage, is long lasting and tailored to oily complexions. Then you want to team this up with a good concealer for the more problem areas. It’s a good idea to use a small brush for this as it will be a more precise way of applying the concealer to your spots. You will have really good skin in some areas and a bit rubbish in others so focus on the good bits and find a concealer that camouflages the problem areas. I always set the foundation with a translucent, loose powder; this stops any movement and keeps everything looking matte. For bronzers and blushs avoid creams and shimmery products, opt for matte and powder.

5. Invest in good products. Lucy's recommended p

Aqueous cream & Simple

Illamasqua Matt Primer
MAC Oil Control Lotion
MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment (for very oily areas)

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Ester Lauder Doublewear


MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder
Dermablend Setting Powder

For more tips and tricks, visit Lucy Jayne Makeup


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