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My wedding planning journey: Who knew I could DIY?

09 Apr 2021

Our bride-to-be blogger, Ashleigh Tuttle has been getting crafty with some of the details of her special day 

Image gallery

Image gallery

Let me start this off by saying I am not someone who is particularly arty. I have always had grand plans to create amazing masterpieces in my head, but when it actually comes to putting it down on paper, my giraffes look like dogs, and my dogs look like trees. Believe me, it’s possible. 

Having the Disney wedding that I dreamt of, while not actually being at Disney, meant having to throw a lot of bits together and hope they stuck, because either you spend hundreds on Disney accessories, or you have a different style of wedding (which there is obviously nothing wrong with, it just wasn’t what we wanted). 

When I was 12, we had to paint Andy Warhol style pictures (you know, with the little dots). I tried and tried to do mine, all in vain, when my art teacher came over and told me to turn my paintbrush upside down and use the wooden side, because I just couldn’t even create a circle. The at-home projects we had to work on for tech, or an incredible watch created for my German class, were about 89% created by my mum. 

So as you can see, I have not been a typical artistic genius. However, a big part of my job includes creating imagery on Photoshop, using graphic design elements, so I have become quite handy in that respect. With this in mind, I decided to create my own imagery using my technical head. 


I have since created a cocktail list featuring our two pets (Mowgli and Stitch), a bridal party print that will be displayed on the day, an order of service and a menu. Oh, and also our table names which I am really proud of. 

The fantastic Aster & Ren Designs took over creating our table plan, as I can’t draw for toffee (as afore-mentioned) and Jess has done a brilliant job of creating our family and friends as Disney characters (when the final plan is made I’ll have to share it with you). Of course, our invite credit goes to Tops Designs as well, as I didn’t have the faintest idea how to go about creating that as an image. 


I plan to have a memory ladder on the day too, so I have created an image of my sister (at the age she would be now) to stand as an honorary bridesmaid, which I’m really pleased I was able to create, and it adds a personal touch to how she would have been incorporated into our special day. 

My advice to anyone who wants to create things yourself for your wedding is to try it, and if it doesn’t go exactly as you hoped, look to play to your strengths. Put a pencil in my hand and I haven’t got a clue, but if it’s the lasso tool you’re after, that’s where I shine! 


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