My wedding planning journey: One month to go

29 Jun 2021

Our bride-to-be blogger Ashleigh Tuttle is on the final countdown to her wedding 

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Image gallery

So here it is, the final countdown. Less than 30 days to go until the dream wedding I’ve been planning for just over two years, though in reality I feel like I’ve been planning it my whole life. 

In all honesty, as I’m sure many of you brides and grooms feel too, this is not quite how I expected my wedding planning journey to go. Putting together such a monumental event during a global pandemic is not quite what you think of when drawing pictures of wedding dresses on the back of your homework. 

Despite all this though, the confirmation that weddings can now go ahead at socially-distanced capacity meant that we were once again able to get excited about the day. I’ve been in a bit of a lull for the last five months or so, really having to force myself to get things together. Typically, because I kept putting it off, I’m actually pretty behind now! 

wedding-planning-journey-one-month-to-go-3Ashleigh and John are now on the final countdown to their wedding day

We are still just at that tipping point where restrictions are due to be eased. Which in some (obvious) ways is a good thing, in that we hopefully won’t even have to consider Covid specific rules. However, by being after this ‘terminus’ date, and with the government as ever leaving it until the eleventh hour to update guidance, we are unlikely to know what will and won’t be allowed to do until maybe just over a week before, if we’re lucky... Although I believe June 21 couples and suppliers were still scrambling for some sort of clarity until about three days before, with some things still not totally clear. 

However, once the current restrictions were decided, our venue were brilliant in sending out all the available information pre-July 19, with a call scheduled with my planner the day after. With rules as they currently stand, if restrictions continue, we would still be able to have all our day guests (we are having a very big wedding), and a marquee is being erected to allow for dancing outside, should guests wish. I never realised how important dancing was to me until I found out we weren’t going to be banned from doing it. 

Once the email came in, I burst into tears (of happiness, finally for a change). It was such a relief to know that, albeit with some restrictions that we would still prefer not to have, that we would be getting married this year. My heart still aches though for the 18 months lost where I should have been so excited, but instead have been fraught with worry and sadness. 

But I’m not going to talk Covid anymore, we’ve been doing enough of that for the last year and a half, and when John and I do meet at the altar, it will be all the more special having held onto hope and support from each other that we could have never imagined. My parents have been an absolute God-send, listening to my never-ending worries and providing the much-needed positive perspective needed. My group of friends have become so much closer over this time, despite being further apart than ever, and I’m so grateful for that. Plus, I don’t think we could have afforded our house had it not been for the pandemic stopping us from spending all our money on expensive cocktails! 

wedding-planning-journey-one-month-to-go-2Ashleigh has bought matching bride and groom masks - just in case

So now I’m working on the little things. My non-postponed hen party is in two weeks, with Marbella pushed to next year, so I’m putting together games for that. I of course bought 100 outfits to try on for the day, and don’t even get me started on evening wear. I recently bought my jewellery, have been organising my playlist, and the wonderful Jess Pask has completed our bespoke table plan (also a year and a half in the making, how did she do it?!) 

I’ve even bought matching bride and groom masks, should the day need it, but I think we should be fine without. A memento to always remind us off this strange but wonderful time. 

Final meetings, last minute alterations, hair and make-up trials (why I left this so late I really don’t know! I love hair and make-up!), stag do (John’s off to Oxford next weekend so if you see Peter Pan followed by a bunch of pirates, you’ve found them), eyebrow lamination appointments (I am terrified but I’m doing it), it’s all coming together. Fingers crossed for the 19th, but if we need to have a touch of pandemic life in our wedding, I’m sure it will make a great story to tell the grandkids one day. 


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