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15 Jul 2013

Wedding Paint

Wedding Paint

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I am Madeline Jones, a highly experienced makeup artist in fashion and beauty

After 20 years of working with brands, I am now venturing out on my own into the world of wedding makeup

My services are: a wedding package - one to one service and personalised look along with the final day

makeup masterclasses for groups or parties or singularly, makeup and colour one to ones

I have moved back to the Cotswolds after 13 years in London and am looking to provide flattering, tailor-made makeup for brides with a personalised colour-correct look to make a bride sparkle on the most important day of her life

I am based in Stroud but work as far down as Devon or up to Birmingham. I know the majority of the stately homes and follow/like alot of them,as I was brought up around here. I started off in the humble old beauty department and have grown/worked my way up from there. I have been a trainer and advised with a few very select brands, such as Bobbi Brown and Dior. I developed a passion in makeup from an early age and have favoured the way colour sits on the skin and works with an individuals colouring. For example, some oily based foundations have a tendency to go orange due to the acid in ones skin. I feel makeup is a moral-booster and confidence giver but also a beauty enhancer if used in the right way.

My tips would be:

* always make sure your artist has work you can see and a few testimonials to read through. also get a number or email so you can have a chat first,so you can feel at home.

* Make sure the artist sounds confident - there is nothing worse than a weak sounding person you feel you can’t trust.

* Ask the artist what brands they prefer to use as theres nothing worse than unreliable products that wont last.

* When you finally book your makeup artist and meet them, make sure they know their stuff about techniques etc.

* Finally, you want to make sure you have a connection with your artist otherwise your ideas and dreams will clash. There needs to be a few meetings before hand to know all the above works and flows.

You can contact me via twitter: @Wedding_Paint phone:07779154484 paint

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