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Seven wedding outfit styles for the modern groom

18 Jul 2022

Ensure all groomswear options have been considered with this expert wedding outfit advice

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Image gallery

With wedding season in full swing, Google searches for 'men's suits' have hit an all-time high. In response to this surge in demand, Kat Byrne, style director at Matalan, shares her top choices for grooms this year and offers essential styling advice. 

1. The TikTok Tween 

“The Tiktok Tween style tribe takes a lot of inspiration from '90s and early '00s fashion. As we know, fashion works in cycles, so younger generations often have a similar style to their parents' generation without knowing.

“In terms of formal attire, don't be afraid of making a statement. Just like Timothee Chalamet, all eyes will be on you. Opt for a dark monotone suit with silver accessories for a slick, effortless look, or if you're feeling really bold, take further inspiration from Timothee and experiment with eye-catching patterns and a seriously low cut shirt.”

2. Normcore

“Normcore is all about dressing in a way that fits with the status quo; you look on trend and put together but prioritise comfort over 'making a statement'. It's a trend that we see coming back around time and time again, whatever is deemed 'fashionable' at a certain time, normcore wearers will always be in the background, taking inspiration from the trend with a comfortable spin on it. 

“Take Jake Gyllenhall's red carpet looks as an example, he's always put together and stylish, however comfort is key. Suits are often loose fitting and muted tones, for less formal events, move away from a three piece suit and towards polo shirts and roll necks with a smart blazer and suit trousers. 

“If you're someone who feels less comfortable in formal attire, pairing white trainers with a suit is very on trend at the moment, putting a more casual twist on eventwear.”


Above: Trousers by Matalan 

3. The Trend Reviver

“Dominic Calvert-Lewin is the perfect example of a Trend Reviver: full of surprises and always turning heads at any event. 

“Trend Revivers do exactly as it says in the name, reviving bold trends from the past and putting a modern twist on them. Think 60's florals, 70's flares, and the classic velour blazer – all looks that Dominic himself has rocked. This trend is all about being experimental, mixing and matching vintage styles to create a look that's unique to you.”


Above: Velvet jackets by Favourbrook

4. Everyday Suit Wearer

“This style tribe is all about the men that look at home in a suit, you know what looks good on you and always look slick. You take style inspo from the likes of fictional characters such as James Bond and Harvey Specter, and the ever-stylish David Beckham. 

“Always opt for a three-piece suit in a navy, black or grey, with a tie in a colour that complements the tone. The most important thing to consider when suit-searching is the fit, ensuring that all elements of the suit complement your silhouette perfectly to create a smart, sophisticated and expensive feel.”

5. Modern Goth

“Goth-inspired fashion is having a real moment, with Travis Barker very much leading the way and influencing his new Kardashian family to follow.

“If you lean into this style in your casual attire, when choosing an outfit for a formal occasion simply opt for black blazer and trousers, with either a black or white shirt. The accessories are the most crucial element of this trend, with silver necklaces, rings and bracelets complementing the darkness of the suit. Any accessories featuring skulls or crosses will instantly pull the look into the modern gothic trend."


Above: Robert Gomez via Unsplash

6. Grandad Chic

“If Harry Styles is your fashion icon, grandad chic is the style tribe for you. This trend is about carefree fashion and experimentation, dressing for both comfort and to turn heads, and, as it says in the name, taking notes from the older generations. 

“While Harry is known for his eye-catching and outlandish stage outfits, take inspiration from his red carpet style, incorporate knitwear into an event look by pairing a jumper or cardigan with a smart shirt and trousers, topped off with a pearl necklace and accessories. If you want a more formal outfit, opt for a bold tweed blazer as the statement piece and match with a dark trouser."

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