Wedding kissing etiquette for International Kissing Day

06 Jul 2017

Make your first married kiss a momentous occasion with these top tips for International Kissing Day

A couples’ first kiss as a married couple is said to be the most important and meaningful one they will share. However, with family and friends eagerly watching and potential cultural differences and traditions to take into consideration, this pivotal moment can cause a certain degree of nervous anticipation and stress. The Chester Grosvenor gives its five top tips on kissing etiquette:

Politely passionate

It’s a good idea to be mindful of your own preferences about public displays of affection, as well as your guests’. Some families are more reserved than others and cultural differences may mean that a Hollywood-worthy smooch isn’t appropriate. This can also be said for wedding ceremonies held in certain high churches or houses of worship; it’s advisable to check with the vicar or registrar beforehand.

Time is of the essence

A quick peck is far too brief and passionless for such a momentous occasion, so the aim should be a short but sweet middle ground that brings the ceremony to a joyful close. Think back to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s famous balcony kiss at the 2011 Royal Wedding. Brief, but affectionate, and entirely appropriate for a traditional Anglican service.

Choose a suitable lipstick

A pillar-box red lipstick may look striking in photographs, but smeared across your husband or wife’s face... not so much. When choosing the perfect wedding day lipstick, it’s crucial to pick one with a long-wearing and drying formula that will continue to look flawless after eating, drinking and, of course, kissing. Matte liquid lipsticks are a great way to achieve this without compromising on a bold colour.

Posture and position

Nobody wants to go in for a kiss only to collide foreheads with their prospective husband or wife. Approach carefully and don’t rush – it’s a happy moment to be savoured, after all. The couple should stand at a comfortable distance, especially if there’s a considerable height difference involved. Motionless arms are a no-no; an embrace or holding hands looks far more natural and photogenic.

Don’t overthink it

This may be easier said than done, but the more relaxed the couple are, the less staged and fumbled the kiss will appear. If the couple in question are preoccupied with trying to do everything perfectly, the chances are the kiss will look awkward and detract from the special moment that it’s supposed to be. Ultimately, the day is a celebration, not a performance. There’s no point in creating unnecessary anxiety with a rehearsed kiss – it’s supposed to be a relaxed moment that indicates the first exciting chapter of married life.

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