Five wedding flower mistakes to avoid

20 Sep 2016

Give your wedding flowers the time and thought they deserve by prioritising them in your planning and avoiding these common mistakes

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Flowers are a vital part of a wedding day, as they tend to be used in several aspects  from the venue decoration to the bouquets. Years ago, it was not as easy to find wedding flowers as there weren’t many suppliers, however today florists and flower suppliers can be found all over the world. Choosing your flowers is hard enough, but there are certain mistakes which can make the process even harder. Moyses Flowers of London details five common mistakes to avoid when it comes to your wedding flowers.

1. Failing to see the big picture

Many people have a perspective with respect to the centerpieces and the table settings, but they fail to visualise the whole venue with their guests in it. For example, even though couples may have chosen a room with an amazing view of the ocean or scenic surroundings they still go for huge centerpieces without thinking how it will compromise the view or look and feel of the room. Take pictures of the room in which you will display your wedding flowers and show them to your flower supplier when asking for their expert advice.


2. Not trusting your florist

A wedding usually happens only once in a person's life, so it is likely that every bride-to-be has a vision, likes, dislikes, and expectations regarding the wedding flowers they want included in the decoration. So at times, people tend to choose wedding flowers on their own without consulting the experts. It is advisable that you communicate with an expert florist and explain to them exactly what you want. Who knows, their immense talent could make your wedding absolutely breath-taking by a simple recommendation.

3. Not re-using ceremony arrangements 

People use some very elegant flowers in centerpieces and altar pieces, especially for the ceremony. The ceremony usually only lasts for half an hour and all the flower arrangements are used for that amount of time too, but a large number of expert florists believe that these flowers can also be incorporated into the reception decor. This will not only avoid wastage, but it will also save a huge amount of money.


4. Booking the florist last

A lot of couples commit the mistake of booking the florist at the last minute, after every arrangement of the wedding has been done. Flowers play a huge part in your wedding budget and booking a florist late can come as a nasty surprise when you receive the bill. It is a must that you book a florist first so that you will get a clear idea about how much the flowers are going to cost you and factor them into the budget accordingly.

5. Refusing to compromise

One of the biggest mistakes a couple makes during their wedding is setting their heart on a specific type of flower and not compromising on it. But when it comes to choosing wedding flowers, it is advisable that you are flexible in your choice and let the florist do the rest. If you are superstitious, here are the wedding flowers to avoid


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