Wedding Day Spray Tan Advice and Top Tips!

23 Feb 2015

Wedding Day Spray Tan Advice and Top Tips!

Do you want to have a healthy glow for your big day but have some worries about spray tanning? Lucy Jayne Makeup gives us her advice to spray tanning and getting it right.

1. Firstly my biggest tip for all brides thinking about doing this for their big day is definitely avoid getting your tan the day of or night before your wedding! You’re leaving room for so much to go wrong and we all want to avoid a wedding day disaster.

2. The tan will always be at its darkest the day after you had it done so please don’t panic when you’re waking up the next day looking similar to an oompa-loompa, after a few washes and a couple of days you will be a subtle bronze.

3. The colour that is left on your skin after getting sprayed will take two complete washes to completely come off. This if anything, will be what could get on your wedding dress, so make sure you leave plenty of time before your big day for all to have rinsed off.

4. Dry skin is a big cause of making a tan go patchy, so you want to be well moisturised prior to having your tan. Make sure to pay particular attention to your hands, feet, elbows and knees.

5. Removing hairs 24hrs before your appointment by shaving or waxing will help for an even tan.

6. Remove all traces of makeup, deodorant and perfume, again this helps prevent a patchy result.

7. Immediately after application of the tan, make sure to wear loose clothing and shoes. You do not want to wear tight clothing that can rub against the tan and create marks. 

8. Washing your hands too soon after a spray tan can cause watermarks; I’d suggest waiting at least 2-3 hours before doing so. Leave your tan application on the skin for a minimum of 6-8 hrs. For optimum results, leave on the skin overnight.

9. Shower as usual the following morning. Your spray tan contains a cosmetic bronzer and this will wash off during showering. Do not worry, this is supposed to happen.

10. It takes two showers for the bronzer to be removed from your skin completely, you will be the darker after the first wash but by the second day/shower it will look natural.

My opinion on the best home tan products

For a darker colour go for a Xen Tan or Fake Bake

If you tan well but want a natural bronzed glow, St Tropez or Sienna-X (8% or 10%)

If you are fair skinned and want a hint of colour then Sienna-X 6% is the one for you. This is the lightest and most subtle option I have found and perfect for a bridal tan.

If you plan to go to the spa and have your spray tan done professionally, I’d suggest that you have a practise run three weeks prior to your appointment using the same tan that they will use. This way, you’ll have no doubts that you’re going to come out the way you want for your big day!



Visit Lucy Jayne's Makeup Blog, with many top tips on beauty products to skin care to different beauty treatments, she’ll have the answers you’re looking for. See here! 



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