Top wedding day fears revealed

15 Apr 2021

The top 10 wedding day fears which keep brides awake at night have been revealed, and here's now to resolve them 

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With summer weddings potentially on the cards, newly engaged couples - and those who’ve had to postpone from last year - will be gearing up for their big day.

But with the excitement comes dread - the ‘what ifs?’ come creeping in and before you know it you’re there, wide awake in the middle of the night.

Research from jewellers Queensmith ranks the most common fears brides have, and what we can do to overcome them.

Bad weather

If you’re the superstitious kind, don’t worry about bad weather on your wedding day. In many cultures, wedding day rain symbolises good luck, fertility and an everlasting marriage. Besides, it’ll create a great atmosphere and can be quite a dramatic backdrop for romantic wedding day photos. Chucking a few umbrellas in the car, ahead of the big day, might ease some of the nerves around this number one fear - or alternatively, have a ‘plan B’ (and even ‘plan C’ in mind in case your day doesn’t quite go as planned.

Being ill

You can’t control when illness strikes, but there are things you can do to keep your immune system up. Firstly, avoid crash diets - they can make you tired and leave you more susceptible to common colds and flu. Eat nutritiously, drink plenty of water and consider lowering your alcohol intake in the weeks running up. You may also want to consider immune-supporting vitamin supplements and having the flu jab.

Family arguments

Other people’s behaviour is largely out of your control, but if you think tensions might run high between certain family members, then it might be worth raising it with them in advance and asking them to leave their differences aside for the day. A well thought out seating plan should have any guests likely to row as far from each other as possible.


Unflattering photographs

The best wedding photos tend to be the most natural shots. Most people look best giggling, laughing and smiling, so try to relax your face and get caught up in enjoying the moments as they come - ignore the camera when you can. Remember, your wedding photographer wants you to feel comfortable and look your best too - they won’t stitch you up.

Tripping over while walking down the aisle

Choose shoes you can actually walk in and take it slow. Practise walking in your shoes and dress or suit, but most importantly, don’t stress - it is so unlikely you’ll trip. 


Drunken guests

Dealing with difficult guests shouldn’t be your focus on your wedding day. Your friends, family members, bridal or groom party should be on hand to sort out any guest issues. Your caterers or bar staff can also be instructed not to serve alcohol to drunk guests.  

A professional artist doing a poor job of hair/makeup

Before booking a makeup artist or hairstylist, do your research and make sure your styles align. Check their Instagram and testimonials from previous clients, and make sure you discuss exactly what you’re after - visual references will help. Many artists will offer a ‘test run’ service, where you can experiment and settle on your look - it’s good to be open to their professional advice, but remain true to yourself too. 

Not being ready in time

Map out your wedding times, working backwards from your arrival at the venue. Dedicate time slots to hair, makeup, nails, dressing, travelling to the venue - and everything in between. Organisation is key here. If you’re hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist, they should be able to give you an estimation of how long they’ll need. Most importantly, factor in room for error, photos and time to chill. Emotions can run high, and you’ll want to savour the moments before your wedding rather than rushing through them.


Dress no longer fitting

If this is a major concern, consider dress designs that don’t depend on a tight-fit; loose, flowing wrap dresses and kimono-style gowns can be cool and comfy. If something figure-hugging is more your style, just make sure you have a fitting booked a little while before the wedding, with time for alterations. 

The dress getting ruined

Wedding dresses are not cheap, so the fear of it becoming ruined is totally justifiable. If your wedding turns into a raucous affair or there’s a comical mishap - your dress will tell the tale. You’re probably never going to wear it again, so cherish spilt wine and hem rips as a sign of the good times. Or if that sounds like a terrible plan, organise a backup dress - something simple to slip into and party on.

Click here to visit the Queensmith website. 

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