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Wedding day dilemmas

14 Jul 2011

Wedding day dilemmas

Don’t get stressed out about those prenuptial problems, wedding planner Sarah Softley is here to help with some common questions asked by brides and grooms.

My mum and dad have offered to contribute to the wedding but they haven’t actually said how much. How do I ask without making it look like I’m just trying to grab their money?

We would always recommend that a bride and groom put together an itemised budget for their wedding. We would suggest that once you have done this you sit down with your parents and go through it with them and let them take the lead as to which items they would like to help you with.

Mum wants to invite all her friends to our wedding but I don’t even know them. How can I let her down gently that we don’t really want them to come?

It is understandable that your mum wishes to celebrate such a happy occasion with her friends, however, we would suggest that you explain to her that it is important to you to just have your friends and family on the day, but that perhaps they could have a post wedding party for their friends and you and your husband when you get back from honeymoon.

I want my step dad to give me away but my natural dad said he’s always wanted to walk me down the aisle. What do I do?

This is a very difficult situation to handle and there are several options. You can explain to your natural dad that you would like your step father to give you away but ask him to do a reading, or ask both of them to walk you down the aisle but explain that your step father will be the one who actually “gives you away”.

In similar situations we have known brides who have chosen to either walk down the aisle on their own or asked their mum to give them away.

I’m having a nightmare planning our top table. Both mine and my fiancé’s parents are divorced and we’re really struggling to fit everyone in because they all want to sit with their new partners. What should I do?

We are often asked this question and we would suggest that you have your best man, bridesmaids and ushers on your table, or perhaps your best friends, and then ask your parents and their respective partners to host other tables.

These can still be tables near you and this is normally a very satisfactory solution that prevents anyone feeling uncomfortable. We have even had a top table for two with just the bride and groom, but would suggest sitting on thrones to make a real statement if this is considered an option.

Contact Sarah at Softley Events, 01362 857191, info@softleyevents.co.uk, www. Softleyevents.co.uk

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