Weather-proof your wedding

17 Oct 2013

Weather-proof your wedding

From 2014, you can be sure of a beautiful ceremony all year round at Micklefield Hall

Image gallery

Image gallery

The Hertfordshire based venue is perfect for those who have always dreamed of the idyllic country house wedding. The privately owned house has extensive gardens - perfect for wedding photos - and you can be assured of complete privacy because when you book a wedding at Micklefield Hall, the venue is yours exclusively for the day.

Anna and Jamie, who have overseen some stunning ceremonies this year, head the experienced team up. In summer, many couples got married in the beautiful grounds than help that reception in the marquee, which is heated. In winter, Micklefield Hall is licensed to hold ceremonies for up to 50 guests inside the house, with a reception afterwards in the aforementioned weatherproof, romantic barn conversion. Or hold your ceremony in the barn and invite up to 200 guests (licence to be granted for ceremonies in the barn in Spring 2014).

The marquee will seat up to 320 guests, and has built-in toilets, adjustable lighting, suspended floor, stage, sound system and kitchen area. And as the marquee is taken down in late September, a new era of weddings at Micklefield Hall begins. From October 1, 2014, the ribbon will be cut on the 16th-century barn conversion. This is air-conditioned, so can in fact be used all year round!

Anna and Jamie can advise on every last detail of your special day, recommend caterers and arrange special touches. They have just completed their 15th year of weddings at Micklefield Hall so you are in good hands!

Prices start at £7,750 + vat for up to 200, or £8,750 + vat for up to 300 people. If you’re planning an intimate ceremony, there are all in offer including venue hire and food from £155 + vat per head for 40 people in the house. For smaller ceremonies, as for a bespoke quote.

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