Seven ways to get your partner more involved in wedding planning

08 Aug 2017

Don’t fall into the trap of planning your wedding on your own; here are seven ways to get your partner on side and involved

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As a couple, you are a partnership, and planning a wedding should be a shared task that is completed in a fair and balanced way. However, most of the time, wedding planning does tend to veer more towards one partner than the other, especially if said partner is more organised, reliable and efficient. Still there is plenty that can be done to ensure both of you have an even share of the responsibility; here are seven ideas…

1. Set aside quality time

Quality time together is so important when wedding planning. Use the time wisely and sit down to discuss decisions that need to be made and upcoming tasks. You could even use this time to have a meal out (or in) to relax and unwind, followed by a session of wedding planning when you’re in a better frame of mind to tackle it.  

2. Split tasks 

Delegation is the name of the game and ensuring an even split of the to-do list will pay dividends. From booking certain suppliers to making enquiries, the tasks should be evenly allocated. You could split the tasks by supplier, so that one of you is responsible for booking and enquiries relating to the venue, photographer and catering, while the other deals with floristry, stationery, and transport (for example).


3. Share ideas

Collaborate on a regular basis and get input from both parties. Set up a Whatsapp group for just the two of you to share ideas when not together and ensure that each other’s opinions are considered and valued. While some partners may be happy to allow the other to do exactly what they want, a wedding should reflect you as a couple not as individuals.

4. DIY together 

The perfect bonding opportunity. These are the moments that you will look back on with fond memories. Two pairs of hands are always better than one, and who better to get crafty with than your other half? It will be blood, sweat and tears as you slog it out to finishing 50+ favours two nights before the wedding, but the results will be worth it – and you’ll be brought closer together as a result.


5. Always attend meetings as a duo

Don’t ever go it alone. Any decisions that need to be made regarding your wedding need to be made together. Having the both of you at each supplier meeting will also help to drive the conversation and allow everybody’s questions to be answered. It is advisable to take notes at meetings incase you forget the finer details, but if you do need reminding you can jog each other’s memories.

6. Show interest 

Never dismiss each other’s ideas or opinions; they should be as valued as your own. You may have differing views on the guest list, theme or colour scheme, but this is where you should strive to reach a compromise. Demonstrate to one another that you take their thoughts on board as much as your own. There should be no overriding decision-maker in the relationship; you are in this together.  

7. Input on individual tasks

There are some tasks that you won’t have input on, but you can still offer your opinion. The stag and hen dos are usually organised by family and friends, but there is no harm in making a few suggestions to the group – after all, you know your partner best. Similarly, the bride will want to keep her dress a surprise, but there is no reason why the groom can’t put forward some of his ideas – just as food for thought, of course. The bride tends to be more involved in the suit selection, but allow the groom to lead the way on this task – after all, it’s what he will be wearing on the biggest day of his life.


While these ideas promote a more harmonious approach to wedding planning, there is no denying that one partner will – sometimes gladly – take the reins. Don’t let it become a single-minded exercise; every now and then take a step back and assess whether your partner can be doing more to help, putting the above suggestions in to play to make it happen. There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and in the journey to becoming an official team, you should be sharing in the experience more than ever.  

Images: Unsplash

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