A viking themed elopement in Denmark

02 Jul 2021

Travel enthusiasts, Magdalena Schmid and Adam Bunbury, eloped in Nordic style after being separated for seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic

Photography: Elena Belevantseva

Wedding planner Lena Hansen, of Nordic Adventure Weddings, tells us about the couple's big day which took place in November 2020: 

How did they meet?

During her Ph.D., Magdalena studied at the Australian National University in Canberra. In December 2016, she visited her friends in Wollongong, Australia, and mutual friends of introduced them. When they first saw each other, it was love at first sight. At that time, Magdalena also studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She was on her way from Scotland to America when Adam contacted her because he hadn’t forgotten her. They stayed in touch every day, and Adam came to visit Magdalena in Scotland in December 2017. They moved together to Australia in January 2018 and travelled to many countries together. He proposed to her in an ancient ruin in Cambodia, Angkor Wat, on her birthday in 2019.


How did they choose the place to get married?

Magdalena and Adam: “We got married on our anniversary date, and we wanted a Viking-themed wedding. After lots of research, we found the perfect business Nordic Adventure Weddings, whose staff Lena and Carsten were brilliant. The Viking hall in Lejre, Denmark, was perfect for this occasion. We ordered customized Viking clothes from Russia (Sokol workshop) and added additional things handcrafted by Magdalena’s father Josef and our friend Lars who runs the Lederkontor shop in Eckernfoerde. We started at the private and deserted beach where we performed an official civil ceremony, in accompaniment with Viking Music and bonfire. Then we moved to the Viking village where we did a handfasting ceremony, and we said our very special vows, and then we walked around this village with an adventure photographer”.


Did the couple have any special requests for their wedding?

The couple wanted to look like Vikings - they ordered clothes, shoes, and accessories from abroad (they found specialists who can produce them in Russia). They also wished to use special music, say their own vows, and perform a handfasting ceremony in the Kinghall. They gave each other special vows at the wedding; Adam spoke in Maori (New Zealand) and Magdalena in Old Norse, the traditional Viking language of Scandinavia. 


How did you come up with the concept of this wedding? 

The inspiration was Vikings. Personally, I’m very passionate about this subject, and I live in Denmark - the Vikings’ country. We did not need special decor - the nature was all we needed around; the restored Kingshall with Viking accessories, special drinks, and a bonfire.

How did this wedding change your career as a wedding planner/creator?

I now have the experience and the whole niche: Viking-themed weddings. I did a lot of research for this wedding, and have many new ideas for the next one.

Were there any challenges for this wedding?

Our concern was the weather (Nordic November and rainy day), and as usual, we had a plan B (for example, to take everything inside, in the Kingshall). But the brave bride said: “I don’t care about the rain, we are Vikings and the wedding is Viking, so let us everything be authentic”.


Steal Their Style

Wedding Planner: Lena Hansen, Nordic Adventure Weddings
Photographer: Elena Belevanteseva
Ceremony venue: Viking Village, Lejre, Denmark
Hair and Make-up: Tina Alfheim
Customized Viking clothes: Sokol workshop, Russia
Leatherwork: Lederkontor (belts and cup holders)
Weapons and shield props: Josef Schmid

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