How to upcycle for a wedding budget

22 Jan 2021

Savings solutions company, Raisin, offer top tips on how to upcycle and save money for your big day

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As environmental concern for our planet grows, not only are people inspired to make environmentally conscious decisions in their everyday lives, but more are becoming increasing aware of reducing waste for the biggest day of their life – their wedding day.

Not only are more couples striving for zero-waste celebrations, but also to find ways of achieving their dream wedding without the worry of debt afterwards. Therefore, more are taking on DIY projects or upcycling for their wedding decorations. 

Here's five ways from savings company Raisin to save some cash and turn 'clutter' into beautiful wedding day decorations...


Leftover paint? No problem.

When most of us painted our walls for the first time, we probably didn’t use all of the paint. Transform wooden table centerpieces or candle holders with a fresh lick of paint. Why not use the paint to create your own wedding signs on upcycled or wooden crates which were destined for the tip. 

The wardrobe sort out

Old t-shirts can be turned into Team Bride or Team Groom merchandise. If you have any old hats, scarfs, sunglasses, fur coats, box them up and set up a fun photobooth with the clothing props at your reception. 


What about the garage?

A garage we know is mostly for storage - but has it been so long you don’t actually know what’s in there? Use twine to decorate old jars, wooden panels for rustic decor, old furniture for outdoor drinks and plant pots of table settings. 

Don’t forget about free selling sites

If people are giving away items for free that you could work with, then take them. Make the swap Covid safe, of course, but if you see an item that somebody no longer wants but you could upcycle, then take it. Use items in the home to give it a new makeover. Vice versa, if you have something that a person can use as a DIY project through lockdown, give it to them.


Empty alcohol bottles? No Problem

Empty alcohol bottles have now become a trend for various different things - from vases, lights and candle holders -  especially if the bottles are bright colours or interesting shapes. 

For more information and money saving advice, visit the Raisin website

Click here for more weddding inspiration. 

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