Unusual Wedding Locations You Can Actually Book

19 Aug 2015

You've probably fantasised about your perfect wedding day in the church or on the beach, however, there are plenty more unusual and interesting places where you can say 'I do'

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Image gallery

You might not realise it, but your local Mecca Bingo hall is actually a hotspot for finding ‘the one’, as people regularly hook up over their love of the game and dash off into the sunset - one such couple has been together for 50 years, after they met at a hall back in 1964!

But would you get married in a bingo hall? This is the question posed by a club based in Manchester, Cosmo Bingo, who intends to obtain a marriage license so it can help tie the knot for couples who love the game of bingo so much, they want it to be part of the nuptials. It’s an unusual concept, but perfect for those who met at a hall or want to use bingo as a theme.

When it comes to getting married you can choose any venue, provided it holds a license and is a permanent structure with a roof. If this appeals to you then you need to bear in mind that for your marriage to be legal, you will also need to have a ceremony in a Registry office or church/place of worship. Sadly in the UK you cannot legally get married on the beach or at open-air venues – hot air balloons and airplanes are also off limits!

Battersea Power Station is a hot venue for the trendy couple who want to put on a wedding that will be remembered for years to come. Reopened again in 1993, after shutting ten years previously, areas of the building can now be hired out for private functions, catering for up to 700 guests. It’s a pricey venue because of its status, but also because those hosting an event there must set everything up themselves – there’s definitely no chair hire available!

If you don’t fancy a wedding set in an unused power station (it doesn’t sound all that romantic really), you might need to simply ask yourself; are you and your partner bowled over by each other? Do you think you’ve hit a strike when it comes to your relationship? Do you see where these puns are going? 

That’s right, you can actually get married in a bowling alley. One of the best examples of such a venue is All Star Lanes in Manchester, which offers a wedding registrar, a private bowling room, a cocktail bar, catering for up to 100 guests and a red carpet. Okay, it’s a little swankier than your usual AMF location - which more than likely features sticky carpets, game machines and battered shoes - but it still beats a stuffy church ceremony any day.


If you and your partner have a strong love for a different sort of ball game then you could even host your wedding on the pitch of the football club you support. Arsenal, Liverpool, Stoke, Rangers; all of these clubs and many more will allow you to book out special suites to host a wedding ceremony and reception, that will keep any footy fanatic happy.

Many clubs even offer wedding planners to help organise your day, as well as menu tasting and table linen to match your theme (which obviously has to be the team’s colours, right?)


Moving on from grassy pitches to a more aquatic location, if you don’t mind having your wedding photos taken while in the sea, in the Bahamas, wearing an unflattering snorkel mask, then an underwater wedding might be the thing for you. You can’t have all your guests under the waves to see you take your vows but you can definitely have a beach themed reception afterwards, once you’ve dried off.

Those who opt for an underwater ceremony are usually lowered down to the sea floor, wearing either weighted diving masks or snorkel gear and can usually set up such a ceremony through a reputable diving company – be sure to check that the marriage ceremony is law abiding though, especially if you leave the country for your big day.

If you’re not too sure about saying ‘I do’ under the waves, then why not tunnel underground? Literally. Based in Devon, Tunnels Beaches offers an extraordinary venue for your nuptials, within a network of stunning hand carved underpasses within the cliff face, that lead to quaint beaches and a Victorian bathing pool.

You can explore these tunnels before tying the knot and spend some time discovering the sandy beaches each one leads out to. You can also get married in a thatched gazebo at the venue, overlooking the sea, and then enjoy a private bar featuring a balcony and roof terrace for the evening’s events! Sure, you might get a little windswept but the scenery is great and the venue itself is a real talking point.  

Still not weird enough? Then for the couple who enjoy nothing more than queuing up for the latest horror movie release on a Saturday night, and have every Stephen King novel lining their shelves, a trip to Romania might be on the cards.

Bran Castle, the inspiration behind Stoker’s Dracula tale and the only building in Transylvania that matches the book’s description, can be hired out for weddings – for the not inconsiderable price of €500,000. Still, it definitely makes the list for being a very weird (but stunning) wedding location.

Weirder and more expensive, you say? Okay then, why not jet off into space? While this option won’t be available any time soon, Virgin Galactic does intend to be the first company to wed people while orbiting around the Earth.

Too far? We agree. Saying ‘I do’, while floating around in the galaxy would be pretty cool but it’s not quite within the average person’s budget. Back to the bingo hall you go! 


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