Unique wedding entertainment to get your guests talking

15 Jan 2018

Get the party started with a unique act that your wedding guests will talk about for years to come with these suggestions from Entertainment Nation

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You've been to enough weddings yourself to know what you're probably getting into - a glitzy pop and rock band for a stylish hotel wedding; a folk troupe for a rustic wedding; the classic string quartet playing in the grand halls of a country house. But what if you want to challenge expectations at your own wedding day? What if you want to surprise guests with an act they've never seen before?

Luckily, this is easier than it sounds, and Entertainment Nation has compiled a list of 10 unique forms of wedding entertainment to help. From singing waiters to steel drummers, here's how to make your day stand out.

A gypsy jazz band

Fabulously fun, it's not often that you have the opportunity to hear live gypsy jazz music. With their upbeat renditions of tracks like ‘La Javanaise’ and 'Mambo Italiano', a gypsy jazz band like Gypsy Nation will add a faraway flavour to your day. Endlessly evocative, many bands also perform modern pop songs in their own distinct style. 'Encore!' will be the word of the night.


Singing waiters/waitresses

Unexpected entertainment at its finest, groups like Secret Singers make for magical wedding entertainment. You'll barely be able to suppress your laughter when family and friends treat these incognito singers as run-of-the-mill waiting staff, just waiting for the moment when they drop the act and burst into song. Cue the laughter, cue the applause, and you've got some wedding day memories no one will forget.


Beat boxers

Hosting an urban-themed or industrial wedding? A group like Block Beatbox will complement your theme perfectly, serving as edgy entertainment guaranteed to impress. There's no need to worry about lethargic or disinterested guests when groups like this take to the stage - their unique talent and showmanship will send a current through the crowd.


Steel drummer

Hoping to bring some holiday vibes to your nuptials? Send guests to the golden coast with the help of steel drummers like Steel Vibes. These underrated performers chime away at a set of steel drums (often with the accompaniment of backing tracks), to produce a sound that spells out blue skies and sunshine. Listen to the steel drums version of Shape Of You for a taste of their crowd appeal.


Classical singer

Is there any date more hotly anticipated than the date you tie the knot? Probably not, so why not harness this dramatic and emotional atmosphere with the help of classically trained singers like Eclipse? Their soaring notes and hair-raising vibrato will make every moment feel epic, while their elegant look and traditional feel will also add a note of sophistication to the proceedings.


Country music

Hot off the heels of the wildly popular television show Nashville, country bands like Country Craze are becoming an increasingly popular choice of wedding entertainment. Channel the glamour of Rayna James and Juliette Barnes with your own country crooners, revving the crowd with classics like 9 To 5 and Man! I Feel Like A Woman. These acts blend seamlessly into rustic weddings and barn venues.


Oompah bands

If you're looking to add some colour and energy to your reception, nothing says excitement like a Bavarian Oompah band such as Manchester Oompah Band. With their traditional German get-up and authentic brass instruments, these whacky bands will go down a riot with guests young and old. Their carnivalesque feel will keep family and friends celebrating into the small hours. 


A combined DJ and live musician act

Desperate to have both a DJ and live music at your wedding? A combined DJ and live musician act is ideal for you. Cut the cost and the hassle of hiring two separate performers by keeping the whole show under one roof – in the case of 3 Chic Ladies, you get DJ, sax and percussion all in one comprehensive package. And that's not to suggest that these acts are merely more convenient - their innovative fusion of DJ and live performance makes them one of the most exciting entertainment trends of 2018. 


A comedian

Nobody can argue with the age-old truth that laughter breaks the ice, making comedians a popular choice for wedding entertainment. Keep the lulls at bay by placing a comic on the stage; interacting with the crowd with a stand-up slot unique to your wedding. Comedians like Doug Segal incorporate magic into their show for an even more immersive experience.    


Brazilian dancers

Bring Notting Hill Carnival to your venue with your very own Brazilian Dance troupe. Guests will be stunned by the fast-paced energy and lavish costumes like Brazilian Rio Dancers, brightening even the greyest English day with their colourful get-up and high-energy routines.


Choose any of these forms of entertainment, and you'll have an excited crowd and breathless reminiscing for years to come. And if you’ve seen an act you like, head on over to Entertainment Nation – the home of innovative entertainment. You can explore any and all of these acts as well as many more in our vibrant catalogue of talent.

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