Warm, Loving and One-of-a-kind: 20 Emotional Father of the Bride Portraits

22 Oct 2015

Once a proud father has caught a glimpse of his daughter in her wedding dress, theres no going back. Whether its happy tears, a warm smile, a loving hug, or a memorable dance, itll spark an emotional reaction that makes for an inspiring, loving portrait. Here are 20 of the best

With a brave face and hanky at the ready, its a phenomenally emotional day when the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle to give her away to the man shes chosen to spend the rest of her life with. We cut male parents some slack when it comes to teary moments in these gorgeous shots that show how much dads care from the 20Collective.

1. An Essex Quendon Hall Wedding by F5 Photography Rahul Khona


The final chapter of a Hindu wedding ceremony is always an emotional time for the parents on one hand they're over the moon their daughter is married, but it's also a time when they realise their daughter will no longer be at home with them anymore,says Rahul of F5 Photography. In this image Rachana's father was very emotional and turned to his brother for comfort.

2. A North Yorkshire Byland Abbey Wedding by ARJ Photography


Weddings are all about relationships, and that goes way beyond just the relationship between the bride and groom,says Adam Johnson. This image from Helen and Robs Byland Abbey wedding in North Yorkshire of Helen and her dad, moments after he saw her in her dress is one of my favourite father of the bride photos. They looked at each other, giggled and whispered to each other. It was amazing to capture those priceless moments.


3. A Knutsford Belle Epoque Wedding by Adam Riley Photography     


The moment a father sees his daughter in the wedding dress is often one of the most emotional parts of the day,says Adam. Here Rachels dad patiently waited downstairs to see her for the first time. I have a series of images, but this is my favourite as the emotion is clear in dads face as they hug, and mum looking on completes the moment.

4. A North Yorkshire Coniston Hotel Wedding by Albert Palmer Photography


I really love this photo of the emotion of the bride and her father,explains Albert. It was taken near the Coniston Hotel where the wedding reception was. Its always a little tricky capturing anything more than a look with British fathers where emotion is sometimes lacking, but I love this image. The symmetry and gesticulation really tickles me, as well as the sense of like father like daughter.

5. A Canadian New Westminster Wedding by Andy Gaines


You dont always see many father-daughter dances,Andy says, but they are always really emotional when they happen. I love this shot of Natalie and her dad as they share a quiet moment at the start of the reception in New Westminster.

6. A London Mayfair Hotel Wedding by Ben Joseph Photography


Here's a shot from a recent wedding that took place at the Mayfair Hotel, near Berkeley Square in the heart of Mayfair,recalls Ben Joseph. I think the father's expression says it all here: the contrast between the slightly sad, reflective expression of the father and the smile of the bride as she is moments away from becoming a married woman. For me juxtaposition is often the key to successful reportage photography.

7. A Surrey Brooklands Motor Museum Wedding by Jackson and Co Photography


Its the same every time, the buzz just builds and builds and eventually the excitement overflows,say Jackson and Co. Sometimes its tears, sometimes its whooping and hollering and on this occasion, just before Chloe and her dad headed off for Brooklands Motor Museum for her wedding, Chloes dad burst through the door, arms open wide with a big beaming, proud face. Just the way it should be.

8. A Village Fete Wedding by Kristian Leven Photography


Laura told me before their village fete-themed wedding how much she really wanted to have a picture of her when her dad saw her for the first time,Kristian explains. Ive seen a lot of reactions before, but even I wasn't expecting this outpouring of emotion. It was a truly beautiful moment and such a privilege to be a part of it.

9. A London Le Meridien Piccadilly Wedding  CG Weddings by the Crawleys


This frame was created outside the Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel in Central London,say the Crawleys. I like this image as it tells a poignant story in Muslim culture the wedding ceremony has ended and an emotional father of the bride has a protective hold on his daughter as she formally bids him farewell.


10. A London Horniman Conservatory Wedding by Lorenzo Photography


This photo of the father of the bride was taken during brides preps,says Lorenzo. The wedding ceremony and reception would soon take place at the Horniman Conservatory in South London. The room was filled with excitement, chaos and emotion as the bride was getting ready with her bridesmaids and mother. I really like the composure of the brides father framed through the mirror as he calmly relaxes on the sofa with a tranquil cup of tea, reading through the speech hed be delivering in a few hours time.


11. A Suffolk Angel Hotel Bury St Edmunds Wedding by Lyndsey Goddard Photography


This image was taken at the Angel Hotel in Bury St Edmunds,explains Lyndsey. The bride, Claire, had finished getting ready and her sister brought their father into the room, so they could walk to the town hall together. This was the moment Claires father saw his little girl all dressed up on her wedding day, wiping a tear from his eye before going over to hug her. I like this photo as the emotion is merely suggested, and yet we know exactly what is happening.

12. A Wiltshire Malmesbury Abbey Wedding by Matt Tyler Photography


This photo was taken during the bridal preparations of Hana and Toms wedding at Malmesbury Cathedral,says Matt Tyler. Hanas dad had been waiting outside the room for a good 20 minutes anticipating this moment. When he finally saw her here he just dived straight in for a hug. I love the intimacy in this photo.


13. A West London Chiswick House Wedding by Miki Photography


Lilly and Robin had their wedding at Chiswick House and Lillys dad had been smiling all day,says Miki. “As he later explained in his speech, they had moved from Singapore to Holland when she was young and they knew no Dutch, so she had to learn it. She then later went off to Scotland to study medicine and she was now in London, Chiswick about to start her knew life. So when it came to a father and daughter dance Id set up the two flashes just to get a nice lighting effect but as I was shooting I think for her father all that emotion welled up, and I caught this tear in his eye as he hugged her at the end of the dance.” 


14. A Lancashire Mitton Hall Wedding by Neil Redfern Photography


I absolutely love this photograph of Amy and her father, taken shortly before her wedding at Mitton Hall in Lancashire,says Neil. Amy had just finished getting ready and this was the first time her dad had seen her in her wedding dress. You never know how emotion will be shown at this moment as everyone is different this was just pure excitement.

15. An Orchard wedding in Sisted, Essex by Rik Pennington Photography


This image was taken at Lauren and Jerome's wedding in their friend's orchard in Sisted, Essex,explains Rik. Despite being a very relaxed and informal wedding, which they dubbed Wedfest,' Lauren's Dad couldn't help feeling the emotion of walking his daughter down the aisle. I love the contrast of everyone smiling with the emotion from Lauren's dad.

16. A Bristol Coombe Lodge Wedding by Sam Gibson Photography


This is the father of the groom, and behind is the grooms mother,says Sam Gibson. This shot was taken during their sons speech and he was talking about everything theyd done for him when he was growing up. I love not just the raw emotion on display, but also the layering and repetition in the image. I took this shot at a beautiful wedding at the lovely Coombe Lodge in Blagdon last year.


17.  A Derbyshire Blackbrook House Wedding by Samuel Docker Photography


For Tonis Derbyshire wedding, seeing her dad for the first time was as emotional as it gets,Samuel Docker says. She got married at Blackbrook House just outside of Belper, and as she entered the room where her father was waiting, I could see emotions were running high, so I held back to give them some privacy, and this is my shot just before the door closed on me. So many wedding photographers, and this includes me, would usually dive straight into the room and carry on documenting, but on this occasion, having that awareness to stand back paid off.

18. A London Islington Town Hall Wedding by Stephen Bunn photography


This photo was taken at Islington Town Hall,says Stephen. It shows the moment Megans father had walked her down the aisle and it all got a bit much for him. The emotion is clear to see, and was certainly heard, as his daughter and wife comforted him. I like this photo because it dispels the myth that men dont cry.


19. A Lake District Wedding at The Swan, Newby Bridge by Lawson Photography


At this gorgeous wedding up at the Swan in Newby Bridge, the father of the bride had to have his tears wiped away by his daughter after seeing her in her dress for the first time. There are few things better than when a man isn't ashamed to show his feelings,say Lawson Photography.


20. A Temple Newsam Leeds Wedding by York Place Studios


We took this image over four years ago now at the Temple Newsam in Leeds, but it is still one of our absolute favourites,say Dom and Liam. The moment when Rebecca and her dad had their father and daughter dance (completely unplanned) was the moment that Rebeccas dad really let out all the emotions of the day and it was an incredibly beautiful and memorable sight.

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