Trend Alert: Bridal Hoop Earrings

04 Feb 2021

Silver, gold, spikes and sparkles - hoop earrings are taking over bridal jewellery

From bright neon colours in the 80s, to oversized styles in the 90s and chunky statement earrings in the 00s - hoop earrings have grown with the trends over the decades and have finally made their way into wedding day style. 

Due to their verstility and variety of styles available, more brides are choosing to rock hoop earrings for their big day. 

Jewellery designer Sif Jakobs, founder of Sif Jakobs Jewellery, said:  "Hoops have always been high on the hero list, however it seems they are having a new revival and thus perfect for special occasions, such as weddings, as they are glamourous and elegant, without stealing the attention. They are classic without being dull and suit any face shape. You can also trust that hoops look good if your hair is up or down and designs with stones will make you sparkle and look great on photos.

"Make sure you choose jewellery with a classic feel for your wedding day. Go for precious metals such as silver or gold, and don’t wear too many pieces; the jewellery should accentuate your wedding look – not over shadow it.  

"To ensure your jewellery matches to rest of your wedding day look, keep it clean and simple. Stick to the same metals (only silver or gold) and don’t exaggerate the use of zirconia or diamond jewellery. If you have bigger hoops perhaps you wont need a necklace - choose a bracelet and your wedding ring to match instead. If your hoops are tiny and delicate a necklace can add a little drama."

Leora Moreno, founder of London-based jewellery brand Leo With Love says: "Hoops are the fun, unexpected choice and can be just as versatile as any other type of earring, yet have the capacity to add that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’.

"Gold, silver or rose gold will look gorgeous with just about any colour, but the neutral shade bringing it all together is your skin tone. For example, I can’t really get away with rose gold because it kind of washes me out, due to my pink shades. So, I wouldn’t just choose pieces solely based on your dress, but also on your skin tone and the metals and stones you usually feel confident in."

Marilyne Kekeli, founder of ethical and 'mother-nature' inspired jeweller brand, MAMATER, says: "Hoops are timeless yet sassy. They exude exuberance, charm and a sense of freedom that is the perfect start to a new chapter in one's life.

"Your wedding jewellery should be a quintessential representation of who you are and what you value. It should also reflect a hint of who you want to become. So many times, brides get pushed into fitting a certain aesthetic. I think you should choose the jewellery that speaks to your heart and moves you. I always recommend starting with a piece of paper and writing down the 10 values and feelings that you value most in your life. Now pick your top three. Your wedding jewellery should be a reflection of these values and feelings."

Here are 12 stylish hoop earrings to wear on your wedding day:


Sif Jakobs Jewellery, Bovalino Earrings, £159



Leo With Love, Hex Drop Earrings, £30



Sif Jakobs Jewellery, Cannara Grande Earrings, £239



MAMATER, Le Serpent Andromeda Creole Earrings, £45



Grace Loves Lace, Nova Earrings, £190 



Leo With Love, Studded Hoop, £45



Sif Jakobs Jewellery, Matera Pianura Grande, £105



Leo With Love, Carousel Hoops, £60



Grace Loves Lace, Sade Earrings, £220



Oliver Bonas, Palila Hoops, £15 (available from February)



Estella Bartlett, Statement Heart Hoop Earrings, £30



Daisy Park, Silver Surfside Hoop Earrings, £26 

Click here for more bridal jewellery inspiration!

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