What Wedding Transport Suits Your Personality? Take Our Quiz!

27 Feb 2015

What Wedding Transport Suits Your Personality? Take Our Quiz!

What kind of transport will match your wedding style? Take our fun quiz and find out

What style wedding are you having?
1. A magical faiytale – in true Cinderella-style
2. Vintage chic, rustic or Gatsby-glam
3. It’ll be A-list style all the way
4. A low key, eco-friendly or boho-chic affair 

Are you?
1. Hoping to fulfil a childhood fantasy
2. Traditional or a fan of past eras
3. Inspired by celebrity culture
4. Laid back, family-focused

What kind of dress will you be wearing?
1. A traditional ball gown or full-skirted design
2. A classic lace design
3. It’s ultra glamorous, I’m going to make an entrance
4. Something simple, I’m not one for fussy frills

You want your transport to:
1. Turn heads but still be practical
2. Be practical and not cost the earth
3. Have maximum impact of course
4. Simply get you/the bridal party/ groom to and from the church and/ or venue

How far do you have to travel?
1. Just a few miles, we’re within 30 minutes from home
2. Close enough to to make life simple for us and the guests
3. The distance isn’t important, it’s the impact that is
4.  A few hundred yards – the church is opposite our venue

What is your budget?
1. We’ll pay what we need too
2. The more people we can transport for the cost the better
3. There is none
4. We’re on a tight budget





The fairytale bride
You’ve dreamed about your wedding since you were a little girl including that magical castle and a fairytale horse and carriage. Riding along in the back of a horse and carriage will indulge those princess feelings and allow you to wave at the inevitable on-lookers. It’s also practical enough for the biggest of dresses and you’ll probably have room for a couple of Disney bridesmaids as well. If for some reason a horse and carriage isn’t for you, consider a classic wedding car – the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a popular choice.



The vintage bride
You’re definitely taking on the vintage trend for weddings whether this is rustic romance or a more glamorous take on an era – think 1940s movie star or Gatsby-glam. A vintage bus is a great choice if you want to create a stir or have lots of guests to transport, a VW campervan is a fun option if your groom has a few groomsmen to transport or, if you’re looking towards a wedding themed on a specific era consider a classic car from this time, Rolls-Royce, Mini, Ford Capri... the list is endless.



The celebrity diva
You’re taking your inspiration from the weddings you see in celeb magazines and wouldn’t consider hiring a pink limousine unless Katie Price/Kim Kardashian/Cheryl Cole (now Mrs Fernandez-Versini) has already done it. A limo means there’s plenty of room for that dress and even the gaggle of helpers you’ll need to keep your celeb persona up – bridesmaids, wedding planner, hairdresser… maybe even your groom on the return journey. To really make a statement consider arriving by helicopter, boat or private jet.



The eco-friendly bride
It may not all be about saving the planet, but the eco-friendly bride is definitely about saving some pennies where shecan. How about walking from the church to your reception or even cycling if you have further to go but want something inexpensive and different. Consider other options like the tuk-tuk (a carriage on the back of a bike pedalled by someone else). A bus is a great choice for an eco-friendly bride who wants to cut down on emissions and a horse and carriage is environmentally friendly too.


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