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Britain's Best Bridesmaids 2018 reveal their top tips for keeping the bride happy

23 Apr 2018

Stepping up to the role of bridesmaid is not a task to be taken lightly. To ensure your bride is both radiant – and eternally grateful – follow these top tips from Britain's Best Bridesmaids 2018

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Image gallery

When a bridesmaid goes above and beyond the call of duty, it can make for a very happy bride. So, if you’re faced with the task of taming a bridezilla, you might need some advice from Britain’s top bridesmaids.

The overall winner of Britain’s Best Bridesmaid 2018 was Nicole Hutton, but the regional competition winners also have top tips to pass on – as revealed by group travel experts Red7.

1. Brides love surprises – make her feel special

Britain’s Best Bridesmaid winner, Nicole Hutton, surprised her bride by secretly arranging for friends and family to meet her in Las Vegas. Bride Elizabeth Upward said: “When I arrived in Vegas she was waiting at the airport with a limousine and champagne!”

Scottish winner Amanda Wane procured bride Leanne McNiven’s passport before taking her on a blindfolded taxi ride. “I was in complete shock when I saw my friends and family at Edinburgh airport – we were all off to Paris for the weekend!” said Leanne.

 2. Make sure that everyone important can attend the hen

“Just weeks after the proposal and three weeks before we jetted off to get married, Nicole threw me the most amazing hen party in York – all hand-made and Vegas-themed,” said Elizabeth. 

Amanda had a similar idea, Leanne said: “She even arranged a second night for me in Inverness for all my friends that had been unable to make it to Paris. She went above and beyond – a fantastic friend for life!” 

 3. Make it personal – not all brides want tacky novelties, especially with the elegance of the royal wedding at the forefront of every bride’s mind this year

“She knows I don’t like hens where everyone troops around town with plastic penises,” said bride Elizabeth of winner Nicole. “Everything was home-made, it must have taken her ages.”

Jamie Branston, the winner for the Midlands, opted for ticking an item off bride Rachel Elkington’s bucket list. “I didn't want a full hen do, so she booked tickets to Boyzone for just the two of us,” said Rachel.

 4. Take care of the bride’s family – she won't have time to 

Welsh winner Jennifer Wallen helped steer bride Deborah Williams’ wedding back on track: “Jen made sure my step-daughters were happy and settled. She gave them a last-minute lift on the day when my wedding cars didn’t arrive.”

Sarah Tuesday Wilson, the winner for the North West, made sure that the bride did not have to worry about her future hubbie feeling the pressure. “She met my fiancé to check that he was okay for me and to give him a hug. She put on his buttonhole and the whole wedding day was seamless,” said bride Rebecca Bainbridge. 

 5.  Whatever you do, do not complain. Chirpy bridesmaids win the race

“When others had a habit of moaning and causing stress, she didn’t moan to me once,” said bride Abbie Peel of South West winner Amy Hookway.

While Red7 would always advise putting health first and foremost, South East winner Angela Bubb – see featured image – did not let a serious injury get in the way of her bridesmaid duties. “She was kept in hospital overnight,” said bride Chelsea Hathaway-Bennett, “but she stood through the photos with a smile on her face.” 

 The winner of Britain’s Best Bridesmaid has been rewarded for her efforts with a Red7 cruise to Bruges and Amsterdam – it pays to keep the bride smiling! Keeping a positive attitude, remembering the needs of close family and friends, and treating the bride to personalised gestures secured Nicole the top spot. Bridesmaids everywhere, take inspiration and do yourselves proud. 

  • For more information on Red7 and its services, please visit www.redsevenleisure.co.uk
  • Did your bridesmaid surprise you with lots of thoughtful gestures? How did she ease your stress in the build-up to the big day? We'd love to hear all about it – email anne.gillion@archant.co.uk

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