Top Tips for Finding Your Perfect Dress

11 Mar 2015

Top Tips for Finding Your Perfect Dress

The Utter Blog has put together some top tips for bridal shopping and making the biggest purchase of your life.

Wedding dress shopping is an emotional mine-field; at times enjoyable but more often than not stressful and confusing. Every bridal shop works differently and your experiences will vary greatly.

So to help you with finding that perfect dress, I’ve put together some hints and tips for brides-to-be out there!

*Disclaimer: These are my personal views, please take lightly*

1. Wedding dresses are expensive- do your research.
I work in a bridal shop, but before doing this I always assumed you could get a dress for under £1000 but I have yet to come across one. Many a bride have come into the shop and quickly upped their budget when seeing the dresses around them. Do your research, wedding dresses are made of good quality fabric and this is costly. Before you start dreaming about the wedding dress you’ve set your desires on, ring up the shop and check the price, this will give you an idea of how much you’re going to need to spend to achieve this.

2. Have a budget
You want to establish with the shop assistants your budget at the beginning of the session, this way you have quickly whittled down your options of dresses and avoid being disappointed when you try on a dress you love that’s not within your budget. Yes, you want to have fun and try on the most expensive dress in the shop, but its also good to keep the day realistic.

3. Keep your guests to a minimum
This is an important one. Yes you want to have a fun day with your nearest and dearest, but the more people you invite, the more opinions you invite. Do you really want a whole group of opinions? The day is about you, and your tastes. Are you sure you want to be zipped in to a dress that you love, only to be told ‘No!’ or ‘I don’t like that one’, as you step out of the changing room? Do the first rounds of dresses with your most trusted companion (mum, best friend, sister) and after you’ve established what you want as the bride, and then you can ask for more opinions.

4. To sample sale or not to sample sale…
Sample sales are fantastic for brides who are short of time or have a very limited budget. But if you have a specific idea of what you’re then you’re very unlikely to find it at a sale. Dresses being sold as samples are generally those that have been discontinued by the designer or have proved unpopular in the shop. Sales involve pressure, and you may walk away with a dress that you’ve picked up because it was decent and a good price, not the dream dress you’ve been waiting for.

5. Trust your sales consultant
If you’re finding yourself just liking some dresses in the shop but not feeling like you’ve found ‘the one’, ask your consultant ‘what would you recommend?’ she’s going to know the dresses better than anyone else and may save the day with a dress that you would never have picked out, but end ups up ticking all the boxes.

6. ‘It’s how you feel, not how you look.’
The photos you take in the room with the artificial lighting and no makeup, hair not done etc, are not an accurate representation of what you look like in that dress. The important dresses you’ve tried on that are real contenders will be at the forefront of your mind and these are the ones you should visit again, the ones that feel right. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably doesn’t look right. If it does feel right, and by this I mean if it makes you feel sexy or elegant or however you want to feel on your wedding day, you’re on your way to finding your dress.

7.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Yes it’s arguably the most important item of clothing you’ll ever buy and it is an important dress but at the end of the day, it is just a dress. When you have narrowed it down to your final three and you’re stressing out because you love them all… Stop. Say to yourself: ‘It’s just a lovely dress that makes me feel happy and special and that I’m going to wear the day I marry Bob/Nathan/Matt.’ Because that’s why you’re having a wedding after all and he’s just going to be happy that you’ve turned up.


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