Top tips for a honeymoon cruise

23 Jan 2017

Sail away with these essential honeymoon cruise tips from Paul Edge, director of Cruise Club UK

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Planning a wedding can be a stressful time for brides and grooms. With all of your hard work and planning, the big day will come and go and, hopefully, it will be everything you wanted and more — and you can then look forward to embarking on your honeymoon.

Way back when, honeymoons were originally about visiting family members who couldn't attend the wedding. Now, however, they are a perfect opportunity for couples to have some seclusion, relaxation and quality time together. Sprawling out on a sandy beach or driving into the sunset are some of the standard honeymoon ideas, but there is another way to have a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.


Have you considered a cruise?

There are many myths about cruises, such as that they can be boring or you’ll be surrounded by pensioners. But these are common misconceptions of cruises, and they shouldn’t deter newlyweds from setting sail. There are lots of different cruises available and themed cruises are becoming increasingly popular. If you have a favourite band, you might be able to see them perform live while on deck. Cruises are ideal for any season, as you can sail away from the cold UK to much sunnier climes.

Enjoy luxury and relaxation

Being pampered is certainly something a lot of people desire on their honeymoon. The staff and facilities on cruises will be able to tend to your every need. Spa treatments will often be available, which can be booked in advance as the ultimate indulgence for any trip. More than anything, however, you might just want to put your feet up on a cruise after the stress and strain of your wedding. Soak in the sun on the top deck or book a cabin with a balcony to chill out in privacy for a while.


The world is your oyster

Where do you fancy going? The Baltic? America? Australia? Cruises are an ideal choice, as there are multiple destinations and the time on a cruise can vary between a week and over a month. Imagine a month-long honeymoon of pure relaxation; the only problem will be when you have to return home. Many cruises allow plenty of time for you to explore a city for the day. Some cruises even stop for a few days and you can transfer your honeymoon experience to the land.

How to choose your cruise

If you’ve decided that a cruise sounds like the ideal choice for you and your other half, what do you do next?

  • Plan your budget: Once you have a budget in mind, you can start to look at what is on offer. There are always some great deals to be found, so hunt around and get your money’s worth.
  • Pick your destination: Your budget will also dictate your destination - or perhaps your destination will dictate your budget. Is there an area in the world you’ve always wanted to visit and a cruise ship that goes there? This can be your number one priority and can help to plan your cruise.
  • Picking a cruise liner: Each cruise liner has a different vibe. Some will be tailored more towards families, while others are more contemporary. Do a bit of searching to see which one you think will be best for you.
  • The size of the ship: With over 6,000 passengers and 2,000 members of staff, the largest cruise ship in the world may be a little too big for some. Rest assured that there are some smaller ships available; some with very intimate numbers if you want to get to know your fellow passengers or have some privacy on your honeymoon.
  • Look at itineraries and activities: How long do you want to stop off for at the destinations? What activities are there on the ship? Ask yourself these questions and look at what’s on offer. If you’re into watersports, look at cruises that offer this. If you love food, find the cruise with the most prestigious restaurants. Think about themes, too; Disney honeymoon cruises are very popular and you could spend your honeymoon with some of your favourite characters.
  • Getting to the cruise: Not all cruises will leave from the UK, so you might need to book a flight somewhere. Top companies such as NCL cruises has a variety of different locations, and some deals even include paying for your flight to where the cruise leaves from.

The great thing about having so much choice with cruises is that you can truly make it your own unique honeymoon. Whatever you’re looking for, cruises can cater for everybody, so find the perfect fit for you and your other half and kick off your marriage in idyllic fashion.

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