Top 10 DIY Wedding Hairstyles

19 Oct 2015

Planning a low key wedding or flying out for a destination celebration in the sun? If simple styling beckons, skip a trip to the hairdressers with these top 10 DIY bridal hairstyles from Jennie Manzi, director at Paul Edmonds London for manageable bridal tresses 

1. Low bun
Create a low bun using a donut bun which you can buy from Boots by JML. Sleek the hair into a ponytail and wrap round the bun. Pull through covering the bun securely.

2. Side pin
Part hair at one side and comb the side around the back (smoothing out the hair using a flat brush as you are sleeking the hair all the way round to the other side). At the nape of the neck secure with a grip, and pull hair over the other shoulder, leave the hair loose. This gives you a sleek side tousled effect.

3. Plait bun
Section the hair into two bunches (parting in the middle), plait each side separately and secure the ends and take the two plaits and wrap into a bun shape and secure with grips.

4. Loop through pony tail
Create a loose ponytail and secure with a band. Create a hole before the band placement, and push the ponytail hair back on itself through the hole.

5. French pleat
Create a ponytail at the nape of the neck (don’t secure) but keep twisting the ponytail upwards. This creates a wedge that you can the tuck the end of the pony tail into, and you can then add accessories to it.

6. Half up, Half Down (Kate Middleton style)
Taking sections from the ears to the occipital bone, secure with a crocodile clip (preferably with diamonds) and leave to flow over the rest of the hair. If you want extra volume, back comb the sections before you secure with grip.

7. Fascinator style
This is easy. Side part your hair into a low side parting ponytail, secure and wrap round into a bun and secure with grips, then add the fascinator above or accessories.

8. Half up and down two
Create a middle parting and taking one section, begin to twist through, then completely secure with a crocodile grip temporarily so it doesn't fall. Repeat on the other side and once completed join the two parts and secure with the crocodile clip again or with a beautiful clasp grip to accessorise, you can also plait the side instead of twisting, but in a French plait style.

9. Grecian pieces: for short hair or medium hair lengths
Buy a matching hair colour plait, centre part your hair and tuck hair towards the back. If long enough, secure your hair with a tight band. Get your plait and place the centre part over the front of your hair (you could show your own hair) then secure the two ends of the plait piece at the back with a grip or clasp grip accessory. You could pull pieces of your own hair out around the plait so that it looks more natural.

10 Chignon style
Create a low ponytail and secure with a band. Back comb the entire ponytail and lightly brush into a bun shape so its placement is at the nape of the neck. Secure with grips. 

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