Top 5 Groom and Best Men Trends for 2015

25 Jun 2015

The countdown to the big day is well under way but though the majority of the focus and attention is on the bride to be and ‘the dress’ – and rightly so – that’s not to say the groom should be totally overlooked. After all, it’s also one of the biggest days of his life and he’ll want to look his absolute best.

Image gallery

Image gallery

Time was when a groom would head down to the nearest clothing store, hire a morning suit, accept a less than perfect fit, and question nothing. Things have moved on since then, thankfully, and today grooms are not only taking more of an interest in their wedding day style but also that of their best man and ushers. There’s little point in the bride looking absolutely stunning if, beside her in the photos, stands her new husband in a cheap, ill-fitting suit.

So, here are the top five trends for grooms (and best men) to embrace during 2015:

1. Patterned waistcoats
The three-piece style suit is a staple ingredient for weddings but instead of a plain coloured waistcoat which matches the jacket and trousers exactly, go for a patterned alternative. Not those garish novelty things but a Prince of Wales check or fine tweed for a country look. See image above, from the gin-themed real wedding of Clare Atterbury-Nash & Rob Bentham Photograph by Mark Williamson.

Burton Menswear London Jacket £89, Trousers £40, Waistcoat £35, Tie £16, Sunglasses £12, Shirt £35.

2. Yellow
Some clever accent colours can really lift the outfit of the groom and his assorted close friends and yellow is the choice for 2015. This can manifest itself in several ways, from pocket handkerchief to tie, or button hole flower, or even socks.

richard-and-caroline-barn-wedding-groomsmenSee more from this country Cheshire wedding of Caroline Daniel & Richard Smart. Photograph by Helen Roscoe

3. Mix and match
Groom, best man and ushers all wearing exactly the same outfit, standing in a group photo? Don’t they look smart? Yes, they do – but it’s a look that has been seen at least a thousand times every year. One of the most exciting menswear wedding trends is to go completely in the other direction and mix it all up. The mix and match style can apply to just the groom wearing a waistcoat in a contrasting colour to the rest of his suit, or the whole group decked out in a range of styles, textures and colours.

4. Brown suits
Traditional wedding suit colours tend to be black, grey and navy, and while these are solid and classy choices, the new wave of groom is prepared to try a different look. A brown suit is bang on trend – have a look at some of the styles available on – while burgundy is another colour getting some serious attention. Play safe and you’ll look like every other groom; switch it up to stand out.

great-gatsby-norfolk-wedding-ceremony-groomSee more of this Camden Market meets Great Gatsby wedding Photograph by Chris Bottrell

5. Change the tie
In 2015, there’s an increasing trend to switch the conservative tie for a more stylish and individual alternative. The cravat is definitely making a comeback, but while the formal version has long been part of the groom’s outfit the more casual day cravat – worn inside an open-necked shirt – is the ultimate in hipster chic. Or wear a bow tie instead. With a black suit it looks very formal but with a mix and match jacket and trousers, and a contrasting patterned waistcoat it adds a touch of class.

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