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Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends for 2015: The Biggest and the Best

05 May 2015

Naked cakes to chocolate creations, we take a look at the most popular wedding cake inspiration designs for this year

Wedding cakes have long since departed from the limited traditional choices that were on offer in yesteryear. Today there is choice, and a dizzy array of it. We spoke to Jenny Budzynski of Miss Ingredient in Dorset - winner of the Wedding Industry Awards’ ‘Best Wedding Cake Designer’ in the South West award, 2015 – to find out what trends would be tall and sweet in the wedding cake industry this year.

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“My order book for the forthcoming season is full of some exciting new designs and ideas following some strong upcoming trends for 2015,” says Dorset-based wedding cake designer, Jenny, breaking down the trends into 10 delectable designs:


1. Naked Cakes
A classic and appetising choice for a wedding cake that is not likely to go out of fashion any time soon. This very strong trend is set to continue evolving and developing in style as the year unfolds. Tall tiered cakes with fresh flowers and summer fruits on each tier, neat and formal, or rustic and casual, with decorations on each tier or neatly cascading down the cake. Each one as lovely as the next and no two wedding cakes ever the same.
Who are they best suited to? Naked cakes suit a casual celebration or can be served as a centerpiece to a dessert table, but are equally suited to a smart and formal set up. This is a good cake choice for the little more cost conscious, considering the size and splendor of the finished cake.


2. Buttercream Cakes
A beautiful alternative to sugarpaste or royal icing, for couples who want something a little less formal. Buttercream creates a rustic finish to the wedding cake and it can be smooth, textured or piped in design for a perfect finish. It is an ideal choice for a rustic, vintage style wedding with added fresh or sugar flowers to match the venue decoration and bridal bouquet.



3. Chocolate Cakes
Serve chocolate cake at your wedding breakfast and your guests will be friends for life. Chocolate cakes with chocolate icing or ganache not only smell divine but also look incredible and are set to lead the way in cake choices for 2015. They are tasteful and stylish and would particularly suit a winter wedding. Decorated with a cascade of fresh fruit or flowers, these cakes are modern and stylish and appeal to any foodies – it will guarantee a room full of appreciative guests.


Green fruit separator cake, with fresh flower separators by Parkwood Florist.

4. Fresh Flowers
An enduringly strong trend for the forthcoming year is fresh flowers. Using fresh flowers is a seamless way to blend the cake decoration with the wedding venue styling, whilst still creating impact using fresh flower corsages, cascades or separators. A strong trend for the 2015 is incorporating herbs, lavender and miniature fruits and vegetables. Tiny apples, limes, chilies or artichokes are a few things in the pipeline this summer. This style of cake is attractive and aromatic; it is romantic and is a neat and effective way of matching your cake to your styling.



5. Sugar Flowers
Adding handmade sugar flowers is a strong statement this year. The flowers can be made to match the fresh flowers in the bridal bouquet and are a permanent keepsake from the wedding day. As delicate as bone china and requiring hours of work, they are timeless and unique and an impactful choice for any modern bride. No longer considered an old fashioned choice, this trend has most certainly catapulted into the 21st Century. Some of the most popular choices this year are set to be blousy peonies, old English garden roses, unruly and opulent open tulips and magnificent magnolias. They will be used as single bloom centerpieces or dozens gathered together for an opulent cascade, as and when the budget permits. It is a beautiful investment for a formal, large wedding with the added advantage that the flowers can be kept as a memento.



6. Personalised Bride and Groom Toppers
Personalised toppers are one of my personal favorites and I am glad to see a strong demand for these in 2015. Caricature models made using the details of the bride and groom and their wedding outfits, hairstyles and embellishments. Every detail is personalised including children, dogs and sporting equipment! Great fun whilst remaining sensible and stylish, at no point should the wedding cake start to resemble a birthday cake, so they should be smart, accurate and well made. They can be ordered as a cake topper and used separately or incorporated onto the cake and are a permanent keepsake that lasts long after the cake has been eaten.



7. Bright Coloured Cakes
Brightly decorated wedding cakes are a style statement this year, and a strong and modern choice. Bold and attention grabbing, they add a confident splash of colour to the wedding reception. Well suited to a richly coloured venue set up with a bold theme. However, this cake choice would look equally splendid in an all-white room, adding a bright splash of colour to the proceedings.



8. Golds, Metallics, Shimmers and Glitters
All that glitters and shimmers, shines and glistens is most certainly a good thing. Wedding cakes that incorporate metallic elements are a continuing trend for this year, moving from just gold and silver into more richly toned coppers and rose gold for 2015. Oozing opulence, edible metallic tiers and embellishments such as paint and sequins are most definitely here to stay for the forthcoming months.



9. Lace and Vintage
Displaced from its top position this year, but still a classically beautiful feature for a wedding cake, lace can be incorporated in stenciling, moulds, piping or a fabric trim. The most classic, modern wedding cakes feature this element and will continue to do so as it offers one of the most classic ways to decorate a cake in the most romantic of styles.



10. Macarons and the many alternatives
Endless alternatives to the more or less traditional wedding cake choices are cropping up this year, including ice cream cakes, piles of pies, stacks of cheese truckles, doughnut towers, cheesecakes and crouquembouche pyramids. But favourite upcoming trend is for the more budget conscious or creative wedding: holding a mini bake off, putting your guests to work to contribute towards the dessert table, creating some healthy competition on the day between the family and friends.


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